charged to replace carpet, but no pets?

By Nick

I’m being charged $400 to replace the carpet in the apartment i just moved out of, due to "pet urine stains."  But in the 14 months that i lived there, not one animal ever set foot in my apartment.  No friends’ pets, no family pets, no pets whatsoever.  The landlord said the previous two tenants both did not have pets and they both received their security deposits back in full.  The apartment company has documentation (or so they say, i have not seen it yet) from an independent carpet cleaner as well as photos showing that there was urine stains in the living room and bedroom.   They are keeping my $200 security deposit and charging me an extra 200 for the stains. 

Is it possible for me to win this case when it’s just my word against their documentation?  I could just pay the 200 and call it a day but it’s more about the principle at this point.. i don’t want to pay for someone else’s pet’s urine stains. 

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July 1st, 2013 10:29 pm

Hi Nick! First of all your landlord cannot charge you for carpet replacement because of pet stains when in fact you do not have any pets when you were renting the unit. Do you have any photos of the condition of the carpet before and after you move? If you have then you can use that as proofs. Also was it included in your lease that you are renting with pet? You can file a complaint against your landlord with the RPA. The complaint you file is legally binding and can be used as an evidence if you wish to pursue this case in court.


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