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 I need help with my landlord. she has a two months security deposit from us and yet still finds it normal to come into our apartment for routine inspections whenever she wants even though it is not stated in the lease. She walks in after giving us a 24h notice without us being there even after we said we don’t agree to her doing so and puts her nose everywhere and reads our open mail (i know because she wrote all of this in an email she sent me). She also put in the lease that we were responsible for the repair of all her appliances which means we are not allowed to replace something that broke down at your own cost but have to fix her faulty appliances at our cost over and over again. She walks in with her dog even though I tell her not to and she says we can’t have people over without telling her, really?
Is she allowed to do all this? Anyone?

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Crazy Landlord!


I am a college student living off campus.  I will be moving out at the end of the term.  My landlord is trying to rent to a new student before the end of the term.  He is insisting that I show the apartment to any and all comers.  He is a few hours away.  When I could not meet one of his prospects that he scheduled to see the apartment he began to swear at me and get really upset.  He actually said he was coming himself this weekend to show the place and asked me not to be there.  Do I have a right to be there when he comes?  My dad is also planning on being there.  We do not plan confrontation, only to protect my belongings from this nut.

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My response: (We welcome stories, examples, explanations, answers and a touch of your personality)


March 25th, 2009 6:21 am

Your landlord does sound a bit controlling. However, the State of Michigan provides no laws that protect you from your landlord coming at will. Most states will require a written notice 24 hours in advance before a landlord can come in or show your unit. The good news is that you have every right to be present when your landlord is there. You and your Dad don’t need to worry about leaving. You have paid for the place and it is yours to enjoy. I’d tell your landlord to take a hike! I would even suggest calling him and explain that you are only willing to allow people through your rental on certain days like Mondays.


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