Demanding Landlord

By Hank

I am a college student living off campus.  I will be moving out of my current apt. at the end of the term.  My landlord is anxious to get a new tenant lined up before the end of the term.  He is a few hour away.  He has asked me to show the apartment to people that he lines up by phone or email.  I have done my best to accomodate him.  The other day he was sending someone over but I had other plans.  I told him I could not do it.  He proceeded to exclaim via a text message just how mad he was using four letter words and the whole nine yards.  I told him that it is not my job to rent his apartment.  He is now coming up this weekend to show the apartment himself.  He has asked me not to be there when he shows the apartments.  I no longer trust him and want to be there and have someone with me.  I do not plan on confrontation, just to protect my belongings.  Can anyone tell me my legal rights in this?  Do I have the right to be there when he is showing my apartment to other people?  Thanks for any help. 

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September 14th, 2009 7:44 am

I would suggest reading your written lease agreement to see what it states about notice and vacating procedures. It also may depend on what state you live in. Where I am, once a tenant gives their notice in writing, we can show the unit at anytime. We can not have our tenants show the units themselves as that can fall under subletting – which violates our lease agreement. We also can NOT tell a tenant that they have to leave durning a showing. You are paying rent for that place so you are entitled to be there 24/7 if you wish. Your personal property is there and you have a right to protect it. A lot of leases will state that a landlord does not have to give you any notice prior to showing up to preform a showing so you also can not keep your landlord from trying to rent the unit. Not sure if this helped you at all but maybe it gives a guideline to check up on where you live. Keep in mind that I’m not an attorney and this is not legal advice, just some insight as to how things are run where I work.


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