Eviction Laws

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Eviction laws 

You can’t go wrong when you know the eviction laws. Tap the right person or company to do things the fastest way possible.

Rental Protection Agency has helped me so much with my problem. Like any of the renters who are writing their testimonies, I also would like to help more who are experiencing the problems we already have surpassed.


  1. I am a party goer and don’t really care about money because my parents support me still. Why care when everything is provided? Oh well, maybe things will not always work the way I want or maybe someone could help me this time not just because I want it but because I deserve such help.
  2. I party almost every night and I like photography so much. I take pictures of people, things, place and almost everything I find interesting. I am very careful of my things and that surrounds me. People may have mistaken me for just someone who has no heart but I really care for most.
  3. Since I was almost every time out of the house at night and asleep in the morning, I really haven’t noticed what happened to my surroundings. My landlord usually conduct an inspection every 6 months to check for any repairs that need to be done or any damages that I could have made. Of course I am confident that I have done nothing harmful. So when the time when he had to perform an inspection I confidently welcomed him to my apartment. To my surprise, we found a big whole at the wall in my room. He then accused me doing some illegal activities which I know I am innocent. He then asked me to pack my things immediately without any eviction notice. I know there are some eviction laws and that includes breach of contract but I was innocent and was not given a chance to explain.




I raised my concern to a friend I met at the bar and she said that she experienced almost the same and was given a tenant eviction also with the wrong reasons. I was really helpless at that time and so I checked the internet. Among the searches that I found is this site where I felt that could possibly help me at that time with my problem.


Of course I am very well provided and so I asked my parents to help me and they suggested filing a case but I insisted to file a complaint first. I just didn’t want things to take too long and want it done like a snap of a finger. Of course it didn’t happen in a snap of a finger but I was able to get what I wanted and I deserved. My landlord then conducted further investigation and found out that there were really bad men who did the whole in the wall and it wasn’t me. My problem was solved by not filing any case and I was able to stay in the apartment for a few more months. But I decided to move out when my contract has ended.

It’s not really that I’m bragging that I got what I wanted but I just fought for what is right. And Rental Protection Agency has helped me attain it. Yes, I am proud of what they did because my parents for the first time appreciated what I did and they were proud of me. Filing a complaint is lighter than filing a case in local court and faster actions are done by my landlord. 

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