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Hi, My landlord said there is no need to fix the fireplace in out rental becuase we have a gas furnace. But we hardly ever use the gas furnace. The heat from the fireplace is all we need. She asked that we shut it off, and turn the gas off and leave it. My husband is pretty sure it is something with the gas line to the fireplace and not the fire place its self. I threatened to have it fixed and forward her the bill but she syas I cant do that. Can I? Also, from what I seem to understand about the lease, if that is something was working, and then broke they have to fix it, especilly since it is something we use on a regular basis, and need for the winter months. and I think now that I can’t use the firplace, and have to heat this house my gas bill will go up. HELP

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November 27th, 2012 11:20 am

From your saying and to the point I understood. It was working alright before to rented the place and now it is needed repair. So this could be landlords plus advantage. I think you can mutually agree among both of you..
You can ask her that fireplace cost you more money and also it produce more heat, that can severly affect your and your family’s health. More of the details could be in rent agreement in between you and the landlord. do let me know your further reply or any help needed.


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