Found 1 bed bug coming from hole in floor

By anonymous

2 days ago I saw my cat playing with something on the living room floor by a whole next to the heater, I went over to look and it was a bed bug. I killed it and taped if to a paper, and documented the time and day and where it was found. I live in an apartment complex, and im 99% sure, it came from my neighbor below. I saw him buy a pick up truck full of used furniture. I also went in his apartment once and saw his nasty mattress on the floor. He plays loud music at 4am, chain smokes cigarettes and marajuana and the smell gets in my apartment. I have 2 toddlers and my husband gets up at 4am to go work hard to pay rent, while the uncaring man below lives for free. I have Never brought in used furniture or ever have guests over, im extremely clean, I literally vacuum 4 times a day. The rental company came over and inspected and said I have no signs of bed bugs, but they will spray anyways. Im so confused and scared rite now. Im desperate for advice,  im an overly concerned mom who wants to protect my children. I haven’t been sleeping,  because im constantly monitoring this apartment,  im going crazy. I doesn’t make sense to treat my apartment,  if their not coming from me!! They said they will check the mans apartment downstairs, but I haven’t seen them come yet. Should I hire my own exterminator to examine my apartment and document, im not the problem,  because theirs no signs besides the one I found? (To cover my but) in case the landlord tries to blame it on me? Should I file a complaint?  Should I get a lawyer and try to terminate my lease, so I can move(as long as were certain no more bugs got in here)? What should I do? The rental company exterminator is coming to spray my apartment Tuesday,  which again(I think)he will just be wasting spray. 

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