Landlord Caused Problem That Breaks TV

By Robert Camardo

A week ago in my retal complex the water heater had broken. The landlord was on site the same day with a crew repairing the water heater. (This was a water heater that services all units of the building)  During the process of fixing the water heater, the power to the building needed to be shut off. I was home at the time, had to sit in the dark for a little bit, but wanted hot water.  Anyways, when the power goes back on, one of the GFI power outlets sparks (sitting in the dark, one notices this).  Go over to alert the landlord who is on site, he comes to my unit with their knowlegable repair guy.  They inspect the outlet, and find nothing wrong.  The repair guy mentions that when the power was shut off, the main breaker to the building was cut off and then turned back on.  He states they should have turned off all the individual breakers, then turned off the main and in reverse to turning the power back on.  Fast forward a few days later and I go in my bedroom to watch TV.  Both the TV and cable box that are plugged in the same outlet are broke to the point they will not turn on. Inspect the outlet, and it is working.  Not concerned with the cable box, since my cable provider will give me a new box, it will just take time out of my day to go replace it.  Should my landlord be held liable for replacing my television?  This was obvioulsy caused with them improperly turning the power on and off.  I am a understanding person, and not looking for a free handout.  I have not gone to the landlord demanding them to pay for a new TV for the amount that I payed for it ($1000).  Currently one can buy the exact same TV for $300.  I do have renters insurance, but have a $500 deducatble, so that would defeat the purpose of filing a claim.  If the repair person said that they (maybe the landlord) were negligent for handling the power situation, should they have to fix my TV issue?

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January 30th, 2013 12:04 am

Can you check your lease? Is there a clause that dictates who is responsible for the repair of appliances, plumbing, heating and wiring and so on? If you could have that TV checked by a technician and it was established that it broke due to the irresponsible turning on and off of the power in the building, then you will have proof to show your landlord. If your lease says that the landlord should pay but he refuses to do so, then you can file a complaint. The complaint is just $35 and if you succeed, you might even get your landlord to buy you a new tv.


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