Landlord has left many things in the house I am renting, along with a boat!

By What am I paying for

Greetings and thanks for stopping by, I am renting a property. It is a 3/2 with a 2 car garage. In the Garage there was left two(2) boat engines, gallons upon gallons of motor oil for them, random knick knacks, tables, book shelves, a grand father clock, and random junk. It takes up both walls of the garage. Not to mention their friend’s Jacuzzi in the corner or the backyard fence not hooked up or anything, along with a boat, and three(3) boat trailers off the side of the property. Lastly, a non working jacuzzi on the back porch.

Meanwhile, I have my stuff and shelves in boxes in the middle just waiting to be put up. I have asked about the boat, and many, many voicemails, later they come to the house and I confront them and they say they are working one getting the boat removed, but never address their stuff left in the garage or anything else.

We also had rented the property with an above ground pool, in which we were told we were responsible for. We have put in chemicals but the pump did not work, we advised the LL about this and they came and took down the pool. In the verbal agreement we were told the pool would remain up as long as we added chemicals and kept it clean, we have but since there is no form of dispersal, the chemicals just laid on the bottom of the pool, and the pool remained to become even greener.

My wife made a verbal agreement with the landlords abou price on the rent and there was never a written lease signed for. What kind of legal advice can I get in order to have the landlords remove their property from what I am renting? I wish to have their stuff removed from the garage, the jacuzzi(s) fixed or removed, and the boat/boat trailers off the premises. Do I have the option of asking for lower rent since the pool has been taken down, as well as for storing their stuff on the premises I am paying for?

I appreciate any help in this matter.


~ What am I paying for

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