landlord is not doing anything

By cj

This is what i wrote and i have called the landlord spoke to the neighbor but nothing has change.

To whom it may concern:
I’m writing because i have lack of quiet and enjoyment in my apartment. This is a follow up letter to the recent call that I made on 7/31/13 at 11:59 pm to the landlord I called about my neighbor kid and there was another kid upstairs running and jumping around and this happens a lot but this time it was real late and I couldn’t have a peace of mind cause the noise was very loud. The noise here begin early in the morning about 6:30 a.m. and 7-8-9 a.m and last all day when they are home and I have approach them about the noise and told James that I would say something to them first before he has to step in. It never change so I also mention this to landlord when I moved in that the kid stomps a lot and you can’t take a nap or get any rest cause its loud and I’m a diabetic and that type of noise irritate me to the fullest that it causes my sugars to stay high in the 300 and my doctor and dietician and therapist have mention me to get the stress level down because the insulin is not helping me like it should. but I can’t cause the noise is bothering some I’ve tried not to complain about this matter but I’ve lived here since march 1,2013 and it’s not getting better. I have mention on 5/31/2013 that the kid pool was in my way on the ramp and my neighbor knows that I use the ramp so I ask llandlordto call her and ask her to move it and he did and she approached me about the matter asking me if it was in my way and I said yes it is cause I have problems with my legs. My neighbor has an attitude every time I may say something to her so I stopped and whenever I have an issue I call llandlord but not all the time. I also have mention I can’t handle a lot of noise when I first saw this apartment and landlord said my neighbor is an hairdresser and she is never home but she is home majority of the time and I know a kid got to play and live but my friends and family have been here plenty of times and witness the noise level is to loud and sometimes I have to play music to drown out the noise and I don’t blast music cause I wouldn’t be able to handle it. So what can I do I live in a handicap unit it’s hard to find and it seem like landlord is on the neighbor side cause he told her if she writes a couple of letters on me I will be put out.

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