Landlord let another person in my apartment who didn’t reside there when I was out of town…

By David LaMattina

Yes hello I David LaMattina was living in Fresno CA and living in the apartment named Cedar Tree II apartment’s and well I had left with my girlfriend out of town where I was gone for 3 weeks and well I am not under power of attorney or conservator and well I was getting a lot of calls from my mother to where I had to file a complaint with the police for harassment against her for her calling me at all hours of the night… And well I will tell you this I’m a disabled us army rangers spent 11 years in military and deployed 6 times overseas and suffer from PTSD, grandmal seizures, TBI , hearing loss and tons of other issues relating to stress and anxiety… No when I get home from my trip my mother has at this point bugged the other residents living there to where they have told management that if she knocks on there door again they were going to have to file for a restraining order against her due to her being a nuisance to them… Now when I get home and enter the property I notice stuff out of place and moved not being where it should be… So I asked neighbors who has came over my apartment and if anyone had went into my apartment and neighbors told me every other day my mom was there with the police and they were conducting a health and welfare check on me and I was told from the manger that she asked for a Key to get into my apartment and she said she never gave her a key however a renter said in front of manger that my mom did enter property and seen her take my Kirby Vacuum and shampooer from the apartment and my ASUS Tablet 10.1" 32gb and on top of it she took my military health paperwork from me and told the management of my health conditions and other residents who live there and well I was even called on my new cell phone number by management who mind you didn’t have my phone number at all ever. And she clearly stated to me while I was with my girlfriend who heard the phone call and she asked if I was at home and how she came and knocked on my door and I didn’t answer and how my mom asked her to do a welfare check out on me and she was concerned with my wellbeing and well she gave management a power of attorney in my name mind you it’s signed by a notary and only entailed in my name. Nit signed by a judge and is not on record for court house at all and it has her in charge of financial services and health and well the management told me how my mom more or less talked to them about how I was dying and needed help with my life which this is so not true I’m normal and go to doctor appointment’s and well management has even told me that since my mom cause so much drama that I didn’t have to give a 30 day notice just for me to clean it up and turn in my keys before the first of the month and I did and had 5 other friends help me clean it up and make it look brand new again and it did now that I have been moved out since 09-29-2014 I got a letter to where they said I owe them for cleaning up the apartment and maintenance costs to fix things and well I can assure you it was perfect when we left and never was anything ever broken at all… So what I would like to know is what am I to do with the management and business in regards to getting my deposit back as well as who is held responsible for all items that were taken from my apartment building also another reason for me leaving was because I lived in a area that has a ton of gang members and well I was being approached by several people in response to my mother harassing them at all hours of the night… You can contact me asap please help me solve this issue and just so you know management had legal verify the power of attorney she said she had and they said it would not give her the right to enter into the residence where I lived at and clearly she went into the apartment and I was told in front of manger and my girlfriend who works in the law library in Madera ca so please help me out thanks again for everything…

Edited on: Sunday, October 12th, 2014 2:01 am

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