Landlord lied when asked if there was anthing that could cause me to move in under 5 years

By Benavente

My landlord persued me to rent his home with shop while he moved to another state to seek employment. His business went under due to the bad economy. I own and operate a small business and had a secure house and shop established and was doing fine. Well after several attempts over the course of a few months to get me to rent it for $1500 a month (mind you he told me his payment was $2300) he fially offered it to me for $1000 and that he would be ‘eating’ the rest of the payment. At that time I then asked him if there was anything that he knew about or could foresee that would create a problem with my tennancy. I also added that the cost of moving would set me back financially and would take a  12-18 months to recover so rents may be late, and that I wanted a stable place to raise my daughter without moving her out of her school district. I informed as well that I did not have the means to be asked to move within a 12 month period and that I would like to stay a minimum of five years. My landlord said, "Live there as long as you like, there’s nothing to worry about and that there was no problems. I asked if I had his word on that and he said, "You got my word". I agreed to rent from him as he was the father of my best friends wife. Exverything seemed to be okay so we agreed to a move in date. He was leaving in May of 2011. In his haste, he asked me to fill out the rental agreement, so I did to the best of my abilty. He had no forwarding address to offer me and said he would furnish later. We signed the agreement on 5/20/2011. My move in date was 5/21/2011 for the equipment of my business and the actual contract would begin June 1 2011. I proceeded to pay rent monthly,falling behind some but making it up in reaonable time with no complaints. I asked for a few things to be fixed and they still haven’t. Fast forward to Aprill 2012. My Landlord calls me an tels me that he is going to do a loan modification and that somebody from the bank will be by in the near future to verify the address. That was my first red flag. I know what a loan mod is and that you usually need to be behind on the mortgage to apply for one. He asked me to state that I was" taking care of the place" for him when hey came to verify. June 5th 2012, they came to verify the address. They asked who I was and I told them that I was staying here and that the Landlord was out of town on business. They left and called my landlord and told him they were here and asked hima question, "Do I need to start looking for another place tolive and run my business". His reply, "I have to get back to work, I’ll call you later". WHAT!!!! June 7th, 1st attempt to serve foreclosure papers. I sent a text message to my landlord and simply typed the following (mind you, he stil hasen’t called me back), "forclosure papers???????" to which there was no reply. They tried serving them a couple more times until the 19th of June when the just plopped them in my hand and left. I took a picture of the cover page and sent it to my landlord and stated that he was served. I heard nothing from him until July 21st when he called me and asked where the rent was. I informed him that I was running behind and began to ask him why he lied to me regarding  "any foreseable problems that my occur that may affect my tennancy".to which he replied, "It’s none of my business". He also told me that I am still obligated to pay him rent no matter what. I pressed te isue of the loan mod and stated that it is in fact my business now as the welfare of my daughter and business are now at stake. Anyways per the forclosure papers, jhe was in default since 2/1/2011. He felt this was not my business nor worth mentioning when I asked that important question in the beginning. My main question is this, Is what he did illegal? He was asked if there was anything that would cause a problem and lied. He deceived me to get me to sign an agreement with him. To top it all off, the home has several electrical issues with many live wires sticking out of the walls as if an outlet was to be installed but never happened. There are many more details to this story that collectively point to his plan of collecting my money and not paying his mortgage,or even attempting to.  I am now facing a 30 day eviction for nonpayment of rent as I can give it to him to stop it or use it to move as I don’t have enough to do both. I told him  will pay every penny I owe him (yes, I do have it) as soon proves hes not frauding me and shows me the aproved loan mod which he says hes guaranteed to get. He states that will happen in 30 mre days. I offered him a deal of full payment in 30 days when he gets it since he says he’s doing well finacially and isn’t making any house payment still. He told me to go (&&^%^*()) and that he wanted rent now or face eviction. As of right now I told him to do what he needs to do and that I think a judge would be interested in this story. Any info is helpful as I don’t have enough to hire an attorney at this time. Thank you for listening.

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