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By aunjie843

I just moved to Charleston Sc about 7 months ago, and we moved to Palms Apartment of Palms Associates what should have been a sign of something wasn’t right was when we couldn’t pick our own apartment. the second was when our upstairs neighbors started giving us problems within the first week which escalated. so we had to get the city of charleston involved. my main reason for this post is the ridiculous LATE RENT FEE! they charge us a hundred bucks for our rent being late I wanted to know whether they can charge us that much? They also have is paying a water bill I get that but can they also charge that ridiculous one hundred dollar late fee and on too of that charge a 40 legal fee? I’m suck of this place its like you have to determine whether your going to pay car insurance or get groceries pay your lug nil or them. I feel something is fishy about the Palms Apartments. Is thru anything II can do about this?

Thanks in Advance

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April 24th, 2013 1:06 am

Was it included on your lease that you have to pay $100 as a late fee? If it was then you approved it by signing the lease agreement then there is really nothing you can about it but to pay your landlord. If it wasn’t then you are not required to pay them anything except your rent. With regards to your water bill was the bill under your name? If it wasn’t then your landlord should not demand that you pay the water bill without giving you the copy of the water bill. If things get worse then you can file a complaint through RPA.


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