Lease Cancellation question

By Duo


I will likely be moving in the next few months from my current apartment here in Kansas to Washington for work. Because of this I’ve been reviewing my lease to see what the proper procedure will be when it comes time to give my landlord notice of my departure. 

My only question is the meaning of "RPA" when referenced in my lease. 

This is the second lease I’ve signed with this apartment complex. The first did not use RPA at all in its language. 

The exact context as as follows: "… payment of a cancellation fee of RPA which is equal to see addendum."  (Note that there is no addendum attached which expands upon the lease cancellation process. I suppose it’s possible that the landlord would have this addendum, though I see no reason for it to not be included.)

In my original lease instead of "RPA" was the amount of my rent, and instead of "see addendum" it read "one (1) month’s rent."

My first guess was that RPA might have meant "rent per agreement" until I looked at my the rest of my lease and saw RPA littered about under various other topics, such as Security Deposit and Credit Check. In both cases, RPA was in place of a cost that I had paid when I signed my first lease. 

Thanks very much for your time. 

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August 30th, 2010 11:55 am

I just found the addendum mentioned in the passage I quoted in my original post.

Apparently I’m responsible for rent until they can fill the apartment if I choose to leave before my lease is up.

Of course, when I signed the lease I didn’t have a problem with that, since I had no intentions at the time of leaving. C’est la vie.

This policy seems ripe for abuse, as they’ll obviously choose to fill other empty apartments for as long as possible.

Regardless, my original question stands. What does RPA stand for in the rest of my lease?

I tried to google RPA with no success outside of finding this website.

Thanks again for any help!


August 31st, 2010 8:08 am


In the rental industry whenever the acronym RPA is used it always refers to the Rental Protection Agency. However, the RPA found in your lease is clearly different. One thing for sure is that the language used by your management company is not standard and can be left for debate. Their lease is poorly written if they are littering it with unfamiliar acronyms.

Possible RPA means this:
Rent Penalty Agreement

Who knows??


August 31st, 2010 8:46 am

Thanks Randy.

I decided to give them a call this morning, now that my plans to move have solidified. Apparently RPA here means “Renewal Plan A”

When I signed the new lease in March they had several options to renew. I chose the first plan, which affects the type of penalties if I cancel the lease.

Thanks for the help! I’ll call this resolved now.


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