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By denny

 me and my girl friend moved into the apartment we are in presently back in end of may 2011. landlord informed us that upstairs neighbor was being evicted cause of some noise issues. they moved out and 1 month later new tenants moved in. from day one they have been way to loud at varying times of the day and night. we hear their tv in our apartment, and out side the building we live in. we have told them to keep it down and they do so for a day or 2 then they go back to being loud. we have told the landlord of the issue and he has said he talked to them but we still have a problem. we pay 625 a month for rent and i feel our rights to having some form of peace and quiet is included in the cost of the rent. landloard had both of us initial by key points on the lease. of which we as tenants shall not be a disturbance to our neighbors. we are responsible for our guests actions while the visit and so on. if we violate these key points landlord has the right to evict us if the neighbors complain and he tells us and we fail to comply. but yet when the neighbors do it they get away with it. i want to know if the landlord will not inforce his key points then can i break the lease and walk away from it and not owe him the remainder of lease.

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August 21st, 2013 6:24 pm

Hi Denny! Sorry to hear about your problem on noisy neighbors. I have the same problem as yours not so long ago. I actually filed a complaint against my landlord through the RPA. They did gave a prompt and fast resolution to my concern and the landlord evicted my noisy neighbor. LOL I suggest you do the same. If you do decide here is the link you could use


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