options when tenant causes signficant damage to property (over and above amount of security(

By KevinS

I’ve recently had a troublesome tenant give verbal notice of intent to vacate the property, but has not completed the formal written notice.  They are on a well detailed contract through Feb12, obligating them without option of negation through vacating.

They recently (since such exchange) have caused tens of thousands of dollars of water damage to the property, and have stated they have no intention of claiming responsibility.  This will be well in excess of any security deposity rendered.

Property is in San Diego County, California.  The property is being run through a contracted property management agency, who is not offering much help or advice in the way of options. 
What sort of options – civil, criminal, or both – do I have?

I’m new to running tenant properties, and appreciate any help.

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October 31st, 2012 2:47 am

Hi Kevin,

I hope you resolved the problem you had back in June 2011. The reason I am writing is that I’m interested to find out how the problem was resolved. The reason for my interest is that I am working on a web based property management application and mobile apps that seek to help landlords avoid the problems you encountered.

If you are willing I would like to send you a questionnaire and if you are interested add you to our beta testing list for the website once it goes live.

Best Regards



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