Oversmart section 8 tenant

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I am a landlord and have a section 8 client who refused to pay her part of the rent predetermined by the agency. Due to non compliance I filed for eviction. The judgment of the small court was for her to vacate the property which, I forwarded to Section 8 .  She filed to higher court claiming she did not have the money to pay her part of the rent. She is using the legal system to  delay the process of being evicted.  Now Dallas county court is providing her a lawyer at no cost for a trial. I have never heard of such a thing where the county is allowing someone to live in a house without paying her rent.  Also the lady is playing dumb while she has more than necessary intelligence to fight and use the legal system free of charge to stay in the house without paying a penny.  This is not right. Why is the county allowing her free assistance of an attorney to fight for a right to not pay her part of the rent?  Do you know what I need to do? Am I supposed to hire a lawyer too? What could be the possible outcome of this case?  

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January 3rd, 2010 11:55 pm

Oh boy! Another section 8 horror story. I’ve never actually rented to a tenant that gets assistance from the housing authority. I have weighed out the options and just felt that it was better for me to find a tenant that could afford the unit. Its not to say that I would turn down a section 8 tenant if they were fully approved and passed my credit requirements, but I haven’t found one that has.

I suggest you contact an attorney. Nothing else, you can get some advice on what to expect. The problem may be due to you accepting a partial payment. If you accepted the payment from the housing authority and are still waiting for the remaining partial payment from the tenant, you may be in the wrong for evicting the tenant. The housing authority may be representing your tenant because you are evicting her/him even after accepting the payment from them. Is she really living for free or is there a small portion that is still owed? Seems like in most cases section 8 tenant only pay a couple hundred dollars towards the rent. Have you accounted for the money you already accepted?


January 29th, 2010 2:09 pm

I feel your pain, I have a similar situation, not section 8, but I helped a person who gave me
a sob story, and gave him a break on the rent. I reccomend that you do get a lawyer, I finally
had to. It will give you piece of mind. You can email me at romariani59@yahoo.com if you wish.
I just retained a lawyer after 3 monthes. When the 5 day eviction notice was posted, My tennent
procceced to threaten me via text. best of luck


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