Problem with Property Manager

By mantou

I have serious allergies (dust and dust mites) and the doctor told me to get rid of all carpets in my apartment.  so, I went to AVENTURA HARBOR APTS leasing office to ask for permission to remove the bedroom carpet.  Sadly, the Property Manager at AVENTURA HARBOR APTS not only she refused to talk to me, but also she immediately said to the leasing representative that "no the owner doesn’t allow it".
in addition, all appliances are outdated (dishwasher and kitchen ovens and stoves are 20 years old, bathroom sink is in bad condition and so forth).
And water quality really bad!!! all filters sink are filled with a pink texture and every time we use water for cooking we have stomach aches and diarrhea.  I spoke with Maintainance Departmetn but there is nothig they can do, they say!!

Please help me and advise me!!!!  Because if necessary I will go to a lawyer and take it to court!!


Thanking you in advance!

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July 1st, 2012 10:25 pm

I don’t know what to tell you about the carpets, but it sounds like you have pink algae in your water source. It is usually found in pools, but it can also be found in Old galVanized piping.


April 1st, 2014 7:51 am

For two years, since we got a new property manager in our apt complex. This property has gone downhill, every time I complain she will make excuses, My wife, and I with our two children, My daughter being visually impaired, have been here for seven years and no complaints until she started working here. She has allowed drug use, vandalism, shootings going on around my front and back door. She is friends with these people, and because I complain, she threatens us by saying she will evict us. She in the past has picked my daughter, and laughed when we got our windows shot out of our car.


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