septic tank full

By Jeremy Corder

I told my landlord of the toilet not be able to flush and waited for her to fix it after 5 days i dug up the lid to find the septic system is full and now after 7 days nothing my rent is coming due but why am i paying rent for a place i nor my wife and 9yr old daughterf cant take a bath os use the bathroom wash diches what do i do

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October 7th, 2010 7:52 pm

The cost of empty and drain the septic tank is most likely your landlords responsibility, but not always. It can be possible to have a lease clause or condition that makes you responsible for such cost. If there is something in the lease and you agreed to it by signing the lease– then you will need to pay for the cost of draining the septic tank.

Now the lease clause would be rare, but it is a possibility. If its in the lease, then it would be legally your responsibility to take care of.

If there is nothing in the lease, then the landlord needs to take care of it. You’ve already provided reasonable time for the landlord to resolve the problem… Since your landlord is not responding I would recommend filing a landlord complaint with the Rental Protection Agency. There’s a link at the top of the page. I’ve filed complaints before and have seen immediate action on the part of my landlords. Its sad that sometimes we have to lodge a formal complaint before a landlord will step up and be responsible.

I hope that help you.


November 26th, 2010 2:09 pm

We have been living with a broken septic for months. The landlord brought a pump that is to get used to pump the contents to a ditch in the front yard and refuses to pay to fix it. This has caused back ups and over flows of the toilet and kitchen sink (not the washer which he has set to empty directly to the back yard and flows out to the canal). In addition to this, the kitchen sink and outside hose has no cold water. He also refused to fix this … it does not matter so much for the outside hose, but we have been getting scalded in the kitchen when having to do dishes. There is black mold and water leak at the living room door. The wood frame is no good and carpet stain that can no longer get sopped up clean. It does not extend past this area, but has still been a moldy, wet, musty situation. He refused to change the old carpets when we moved in – after we addressed this because the neighbors had explained that dogs had been locked in and crapping in this pace – these carpets are coming apart and trip us when walking in and out of doorways. This has been going on for the majority of the 2010 year and everything we would call to tell him that we paid rent or any issues, he would cry about how broke he is and that he cannot fix any of it. We are now finally out of lease and ready to move. We are worried whether he has our security deposit (as we paid the 1st, last, sec and first 2 months when moving in) … as well as the fact that he has already started running ads for this place even though the septic is not working and in the wrong location (back of the house instead of front) according to the new laws, as well as the numerous other issues explained. Is there a way to have someone intervene to make sure we receive our deposit back and make him fix this place for any future tenants?


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