unjust carpet replacement cost.

By Brian

is there a law in florida that requires landlords to replace the carpet every two years? i have heard this more than once, but I cannot find it in " Chapter 83
LANDLORD AND TENANT" of the Florida statutes.  maybe its in reference to mold & mildew?  I am not sure. But my old landlord is trying to impose a claim upon me for $861 to replace the carpet. when i moved in the carpet was quite shabby to begin with, and i was under the impression it would have to be replaced as standard procedure regardless of my occupancy.

any help would be appreciated!


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Andrew Rief

August 26th, 2010 5:38 am

Moved out of The Timbers in San Marcos, Texas near Texas State University. Received call from apartment and was told we had to pay $1,156 for refinishing the tub, “deep cleaning”, $150, cleaning carpet in 2 bedrooms, $174 and $200 to take out the four bags of trash that we did not take to the dumpster in the parking lot.

All three students and sets of parents have tried to talk to Asst. Manager, T.J., who says, “We don’t have to give you proof that the apartment needed to have all that work done. Our “proof” is the receipts that we did have the work done.” Although she says they took photos, they now refuse to show any proof that this way any more than an update to a very old apartment.

Do we have to take them to Small Claims Court?


January 28th, 2013 8:47 pm

Hi Brian. I had the same issue too. When we moved in to an apartment, I noticed that the carpet already had some stains on it and it was not in excellent condition. When we moved out, there were minor damages (not the normal wear and tear) to the carpet and the landlord asked us for a fee. It was minimal and it was pro-rated to the life of the carpet so I thought it was fine. But if your landlord is asking you that much and you know that you did not leave an major damage on it, then I think it’s your right to question that. If the landlord isn’t very cooperative, you can file a complaint. I know RPA has a complaint section that you can use.


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