were miserable

By Jessica

hi I recently moved into my bfs apartment and we have a bug problem. (one of many problems) Roaches in particular everywhere…The land lord has been contacted several times and basically says they will send someone to spray…well they’ve sprayed 6 times at least over the course of 3 months and bombed the whole place and we still have bugs…they arent fixing the problem. The walls are old and have holes in them and the cabinets in the kitchen are old and have holes in them, some of which look like they’ve been plugged (the holes) several times before.

We are so unhappy living with bugs, we cant do it anymore. Our neighbors play loud mexican and indian music throughout the night…and our car was just broken into sometime between 3am and 2pm…11 hours it sat in our apt complex parking lot that HAS a security guy driving around and we were never contacted. This place is bullshit and we need out. What can we do? The lease does not end until september 30th 2011… by time we took them to small claims court our lease could be up already, i know that process in my state can take up to 6 months…how do we get out now?

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May 11th, 2011 12:00 pm

Have a nice talk with your landlord. Ask them what are your options in terms of leaving the lease. It’s the ideal way of solving problems. The second option is getting a complaint form done. Here http://www.rentalprotectionagency.com/complaint_center.php visit that site for more help.


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