What are my rights

By cherri

I am a disabled person with a minor child and my husband is not well, has a heart condition. The landlord claims the house we live in can’t be insured. We moved in Feb.1, 2011.Its a one yearlease.
 Can I get additional monies to help us move? what if we can’t find a place for the amount we pay now, what if the cost is higher. Do they have to pay the additional for the rest of our lease.

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What are my rights?

By Dora

I am about to sign a lease in a bldg. where an apt. is being treated for bedbugs.  I asked my broker to find out if the landlord has or is going to inspect the adjacent apts.
I have learned this is critical in the process of getting rid of the bugs.  The landlord is NOT going to have the adjacent apts. inspected.  Is he required to by law?

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September 17th, 2010 2:40 am

Here’s my advice:

DON’T MOVE IN!!! If the place has had a known problem with bed bugs, then why would you ever want to move in? There is no law that requires the landlord to inspect the property for you. This kind of thing would fall under renter due diligence. There are ways to detect bed bugs. But seriously, just look around this forum and you will find tons of people that have had bed bugs, its not fun. Avoid it at all cost. Bed bugs are very hard to get rid of in apartment buildings. So, if they had them in the past, they are probably still there.

Don’t take this lightly. Before you sign a lease in a building that has had bed bugs– thoroughly inspect. (best is to find another place)

What are my rights

By julesw92

I have lived in this place for 8 months. My landlord is a jerk i’m a single female and he loves to intimidate me. First of all I have not had cold water since I moved in here and now the hot water stays hot for maybe 5 minutes when your in the shower he accused me of having a leak but I told him there is no leak and he can come in and check of course the hot water heater is not in my unit. Second of all I live in CO where we get snow. He has some person come over and shovel the walks basically he pushes any snow he can without much effort off and the rest stays on the sidewalks and then turn to ice which makes walking extremely challenging. Forget touching the parking lot not eve a little. This is a small complex only 10 units. I also found out we have a fellon living here can’t find out what the charges are but he is registered on the website. I want to know what my options are and what I can do. I can’t approach him with out being berated and threatend with eviction. He doe
 sn’t live on sight and complains if you call him at home if there is a problem. Thank you.

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What are my rights?

By Mitzi Swift

I was forced to move out of a home I was renting prior to the lease being up.  There was an electrical fire within the home, along with many other things (flooding, electrical outlets not working, a bathroom that never worked, air conditioning problems, etc.  There was one problem after another once we moved into the home) but the most dangerous was an electrical fire that occurred within the home.  Had I not been in the same room when the outlet burst, I am certain this could have resulted in all my property going up in smoke or maybe even worse.  My drapes actually caught fire and I was able to move quickly enough to extinquish the fire.  However, I honestly lived in dire fear until the day I moved out, 3 weeks later.  I would have moved out much sooner had I been able to find a place.

My question is:  Because the landlord did not offer to repair the problem or even have it checked out, I was forced to move.  When I told her that we would have to move she said she understood, however, the very first thing she said was ‘due to the fact that I broke the lease, she would be keeping my $1000 security deposit’.  There was no damage left to home, other than the burnt outlet and maybe some minor damage from wear and tear.  I would approximate maybe fairly they could have kept $100.00.

The landlords’ biggest concern, and I am being totally 100% honest was to get another renter in as quickly as possible without even repairing the dangerous electrical first.

Is she allowed to keep my entire security deposit under this circumstance?

On top of all of that, as I was moving out, she changed the locks.  Which caused us to miss work on a day we had told her we were to move.  It took weeks to finally be able to enter the home again.  They entered the home without letting us know, in the middle of our moving and  I was actually missing apx $100 from an envelope where I had been saving money, as well.

What kind of case do I have here?

This was the worst experience I had ever had.  In the past, I had always received 100% of my security deposit back and was always able to keep some kind of a friendship with my prior landlords.

I have actually filed a complaint here on this site, paid the fee, received a case number, but have heard nothing in response to my complaint in nearly a month.

Thank you.

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What are my rights?

By Gayle Price


 My husband and I have lived in our 2 story 5 bedroom home for about 3yrs.  We rent from a management company.  When we 1st moved in we had a different management company than what we have now and they barely fixed anything.

In January of 2010 we got a new management company and the landlord is very nice and has managed to get us a central air unit for our home which is very much welcomed.  But we have a major problem and I have no idea how to address it or what action or recourse I can take.  We have a total of 44 windows in our home and because the home is older the windows are old and need to be replaced.  I also believe we have inadequate insulation in our home as well.  This makes my utility bills very high in the winter especially which in turn makes me late with my rent payments the majority of the time.  I have addressed these issues with my management company since I met the landlord but there has been no progress.  I have written letters, made phone calls, etc. with no progress what so ever.

My question is this, is this considered a non-livable condition and is there anything I can do legally, to get him to insulate the house and replace the windows? 

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What are my rights?

By NYrenter

I took over a friend’s lease in an NY Rent Stabilized apartment (informal sublet) on June 2009. My friend informed the landlord that I was moving in and he agreed to continue paying the rent (I paid the rent to my friend). The lease came for renewal in Jan 2010. My friend and I wrote to the landlord informing that I was to take over the lease and submitted in due time a lease agreement. The landlord answered that he had to ‘think’ about giving me the lease since my downstairs neighbor complained of my dog making noise (there was only 1 complaint and I agreed with my neighbor to cover the apartment in rugs, which I did).

After my friend’s lease was up in Jan 31, 2010, landlord increased the rent 6%. It took me 4 months to get the landlord finally sign a lease under my name (lease was increased by aprox 17% from the increased rent, and then reduced by a ‘market adjustment’, so not sure if I’m paying more than I should).

Since I signed the lease, we have had a mouse infestation. Apartment gets inspected by an exterminator every 2 to 3 weeks and we still see about 1 mouse per month on average. I want to move out by Jan 31, 2011 (the date my lease should have ended), but my landlord says that he will make me responsible for any lost rent until lease expires.

I have mentioned that I was going to file a complaint for the mouse infestation, but he mentioned that this wouldn’t change their lease termination policy. What can I do?


NY renter

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