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I have lived in my apartment for 8 years. The apartment manager gives me a hard time about any repairs in my home ex: they will only pay for the plumber to come out once for the kitchen problem and once for a bathroom problem. Any other service calls i need to pay for. They have never changed my carpet or even had it cleaned even though i reacently learned that they changed my neighbors carpet and even put down tile in the dining area in her apt and she only moved in a couple months before i did. when i told the manager they shower doors were falling because the person they hired to redo my restroom did such a horrible job she stated that it was a common problem and that they had already ordered new doors. that was 8 months ago still no new doors. now they sent me a letter saying everyone had to clean up oil stains in the parking structure or they would clean it up and charge me. i have not always had the same parking spot in the 8 years that i have been there so i do not know that the stains are only mine 100%, still i went down and did my best to clean them. the next day they "cleaned" my spot and left it looking exactly the same as i had and they decided to bill me $50 and they gave me 5 days to pay! do i have to pay this? in the 8 yrs i have lived here they have never cleaned the parking spots. PLEASE HELP!!

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Apt manager


Hello Sauna,
My name is Mikhail, I have a problem with my manager in my apartment building.  I live in small apartment building ( 21 units).The problem is that few years back she (agent/ manager of the building) put lights outside of my apartment door for cosmetic purposes using my electric power . My electric bill went up about 10- 15 dollars a month. She took the electric power from the in side of our apartments.  When I ask her to make reimbursement  for that light. She told me I have to get out. All residents of our apartment building don’t now about that.They do not know  that they have to pay for her illegal installation of those lights.
What can I do ?
P.S. She also told me I am Russian nobody would belive me in cort.

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My response: (We welcome stories, examples, explanations, answers and a touch of your personality)


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