Apartment Charging me for Pest Control Charges even if i didn’t sign Bed Bug Addendum

By Ro

I used to live in this apartment in Grapevine from 06/2011 to 06/2012. Around 4/2011 , i started having bed bug problems. I’ve lived in almost 5 different apartments before that and never had bed bug issues. I’m living in a different apartment after that, same furnitures, same clothes, everything same for the past 1.5 years and never had a problem with bed bug. Anyways, going back to the apartment with the bed bug, I contacted the manager and she said that the office will take care of it. Unfortunately, i dont have that in writing. I also didn’t notice this until 4-5 months ago but i had never signed a Bed Bug Addendum with the apartment. How i know that is that ‘Bed Bug Addendum’ is not checked in the final page of the Apartment lease contract. If im not mistaken, if i didnt sign the bed bug addendum, it relieves me of any bed bug related charges. Anyways, a few months after i move out, i get a final account with some ridiculous charges including a Pest Control Fee of $417. I had around $510 of refundable deposit and i was expecting some back, but instead they wanted $150.55 more. I denied paying that and they sent it to collections. I’ve been going back and forth with the collections for a while now and even if i have disputed the Pest Control Charges repeatedly, because of me not signing the Bed Bug Addendum, they keep saying they need more info and keep posting it into my Credit. Can you tell me if im liable for paying what they say i owe or if i should get some of my deposit back since im not liable for the Pest Control Fees since i didnt sign the bed bug addendum? Its not like i cant pay $150, but for me its more about principle and dissatisfaction with the rudeness of the apartment and the collection agency, and their failure to be reasonable, which has frustrated me for more than a year now. Please advise and thanks for your help.

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