Breaking my Lease in Rutherford Co. TN

By joffoc

Hi, my problem starts with my landlord falsley accusing me on three months of nonpayment, I have paperwork documenting all my payments and he has still filed for eviction. My biggest issue here is that I don;t want to continue living here as the landlord neglects maintenance issues and is very unresponsive about anything concerning the property. Is this false eviction grounds to break my lease? am I entitled to any protections from a false eviction on my record? I am currently paid in full with them, but there were a few instances of late rent due to myself being out of a job, but it was paid before any actions were filed against me. What constitutes a "Notice of Default?" is an email stating, Pay your rent or we will start an eviction process with no certain date on it have proper legal standing?

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