can i fight a wrongful eviction from three years ago.

By anonymous

I just became aware that i have an eviction on my record from a residence i was not living at. My parents filed an eviction against me three years ago. i had moved out of their house when i turned 18 a year prior to the eviction. i was unaware of the eviction until i accidently came across papers my parents were legally required to give me that they had hidden.when i was served an officer signed the  letter over to my mom saying i had a week to appear in court. i was never given any documents and had no knowledge of the eviction. the family i was living with and paying rent to said they would testity that i was living with them . is there anyway to have this eviction removed from my record?georgia law requires evictions to remain on record for seven years. is three years too late to fight it even though i was never served and would it be costly to try to get it removed from my record?

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