Cockroach problem in apartment!

By Raine2r1

My young neighbor and friend has cockroaches in her kitchen, she has sprayed and now today we are going to try a "fogger bomb" which I had left over from a "flea infestation" scare we had in the building just a few months ago, we were fortunate enough not to be seriously effected, shampooing etc. took care not to have our pets itching themselves day and night. Although another neighbor was evicted for having flea’s. 

In the course of a year my friend had a lot of water damage in her kitchen which is the only apartment to have carpeting in the kitchen and dinning room. Her faucet would shoot water like a fountain from the top, we used duct tape and heavy duty packing tape to keep in some what under control for 6 months when they finally replaced it. Prior to this the maintenance man came to her apartment to fix a small leak in one of the pipes under her sink and proceeded to break he pipe which flooded her kitchen and dining room area, after fixing the pipe neither he or the Manager offered or used the carpet cleaner which I know for a fact they have, they did not use it too get the water out of the carpeting much less clean the carpeting which smelled of pet urine from the previous tenant. Then there was the leak in her dishwasher and the list goes on but now they are threatening to evict her because she has cockroaches. We have sprayed and today we are using the bomb, yet the Manager (who is suppose to be my friend for the last few years) told me today it didn’t matter. 


I told my young friend she had a responsibility to herself, the building and her neighbors to report the problem to Management,  she asked me to do it and I did, now I almost regret it since it seems to have only added to the problem with the threat of eviction hanging over her head now. 

Shouldn’t Management help with the problem? She only tells me no one else around her has them so it’s her fault and she’s out. 

We live in Wood County, Wisconsin. She is receiving Housing Assistance and I don’t know whether to have her report the problem or not? I’m afraid it might effect her assistance, after having management reacting this way instead of helping which I thought would be the right thing to do yet it’s only made things worse. Help, I want to help her. 


She is renting month to month, receiving Housing Assistance and she has an infant and a 4 year old daughter and no where else to go. What can she do? 

Thank you for your time and any assistance you can give her/me.  

Edited on: Monday, January 27th, 2014 5:19 pm

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