Landlord asking for payment via a blank check

By Confused and uncertain

The landlord for the house I am renting is asking me now to pay rent (has always been submitted in the mail) via a blank money order (or check, but he wants a money order).  Previously we werent writing it to the name of the company which our lease is to.  It supposedly is this person (plus a few other people’s) company.

I mailed it to the same company name, because I wasn’t comfortable, and they have now complained to me and I must respond to them.  They are demanding blank, but not really explaining why and this makes me feel uneasy. 

Why would they want a blank check suddenly?  And what should I do?  I’m very confused.  Everyone says you have to pay or else your at fault, but to whom??? and what should I tell my landlord?  Any suggestions (especially legal ones) are appreciated!

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May 13th, 2010 3:50 pm

You mentioned blank checks twice in your post.  I think you must be referring to bank checks and not blank checks.  If it is blank checks they are requesting, DON’T DO THAT!!  They could write out any amount they want.
I’m assuming you meant BANK CHECKS; Aka:  cashiers checks, counter checks, money orders.   If management is requesting that you pay by Bank Checks, that is perfectly legal.  Most lease agreement have a provision that states that all money paid must be done by certified funds.  Certified funds is just a fancy way of saying guaranteed funds.  A personal check can take 5 to 7 days to clear, placing your landlord at a higher risk.  Bank Checks will never bounce.
Normally, property managers will start enforcing the rule after one problem with a personal check.  (Even if you were just late once)


May 13th, 2010 7:39 pm

Getting a certified check can be a pain.  That’s how I pay my rent.  One thing I learned was that my credit union will issue checks for no cost.  Try going to your bank or credit union.  Not a huge deal.


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