Landlord won’t fix air conditioner

By Sick,Tired, and Scared

I live in Arizona and have been renting a mobile home from what I thought were caring people. My landlords own a small trailer park and some off property rentals. I happen to live in one of their off property trailers that I moved into because it had central air instead of window unit air conditioning and 2 years ago my central air conditioning unit broke down in July. The problem with window units as opposed to central units is that if the electricity goes out when power is restored the central unit will turn back on, unlike the window units that have to be turned on manually. In Arizona the summers are brutal and with pets my rental trailer can reach 100 degrees VERY quickly. I work all day and am in constant fear of power outages.

Here is the problem…when I ask them if they will fix my A/C they tell me that they don’t have the money for repairs; but last year they made sure that their personal home got a brand new A/C unit. Also they have bought luxury cars and just recently bought a small motorhome for their vacations. I have read the Tenant/Landlord Act and have paid my rent as it advises.

When my neighbor asks for their trailer to be repaired my landlords make sure they repair theirs right away. Last summer their central unit needed a fan motor so the landlord told my neighbors son to jump my fence and take the one out of my unit since it is broken down anyway and just yesterday my neighbor told me that he also said he’s going to take my unit out and leave me with the window units.

Can ANYONE help give me some sort of direction to go so that I can get some help, I live alone and don’t have extra money to do the repairs myself and then “take it off of the rent”. I feel I am being taken advantage of and I’m scared..I even had to drop my rent 25.00 a month because of my job salary being less than before.

Please somebody help!!!!

Edited on: Thursday, March 27th, 2014 2:12 pm

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