Need advice Please Help. Is this Legal?

By Helpless

I juThank youst moved into my aparment on Sep 1st I have a month to month lease ( I plan on sytaying awhile, it,s just how the lease is setup) Anyways I just got evicted testerday Oct 1st ! My story, I have a family who lives below me, husband, wife two small children. Me, I’m a single mother with a 14 tear old daughter. The family has been living there for a few years I have been told. I was moving in on Sep 1st, The very next day I got a call from the landlord telling me I was being to loud and the family below me are complaining. I was in shock ! What am i suppose to do Float my furniture into the apartment? Anyways I did the right thing and apoligized and said I would be more considerate about the noise. Three days later my Sister and her two sons came over to see my new place, It was at 12:30 at night because I work till midnight. Her and I we just sitting in the livingroom talking no tv radio nothing just talking and her two kids and my daughter were just laying next to each other on the floor on the computer not even really talking at 12:45 the woman from downstairs came pounding on my door flipping out telling me she can her everything we are saying and we are going to wake her children. As my sister an me sit there in shock my sister leaves with her boys. Then a week later I am at work I get a phone call from my landlord at 6:00pm telling me my daughter is being to loud that the woman is trying to give her kids a nap an she isn’t able to because of all the noise. Are You Kidding ME Right Now. I didn’t say that but I wanted to. I have been cosiderate as possible. I leave my cupboard doors and bedroom doors open so they don’t hear them opening and shutting, ( it was one of her complaints). On Sep 29 I came home from work at 12:30 , (my daughter was at her fathers house) I sat down at my table to do homework on my computer (I’m in college ) When all of a sudden this women is screaming downstairs swearing it seemed like she was banging on her ceiling, I thought she was having a fight with her husband because I heard her yelling she was going to call the police. I was concerned so I ran downstairs to see if she was alright and she started flipping out on ME ! Saying once again I was being way to loud and so on and so on… I was in utter Sock again. Anyways the next day the was a knock on the eviction notice !!! Are you kidding me ? I just don’t know what to do. The landlord will not answer my calls. Will I get my security deposit back? I do realize I door I opened it and some guy handed me a paper and it was an need to get out of this place, but i am unsure what i can do about all this harrassment. Please if anyone has any advice I can surely use it.

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