Well-off landlord, or poor tenant? Dreaded bedbugs


I started noticing getting bit by what I thought were bed bugs around last yeara, but my parents said that I was imagining things as they were not getting bit at all. I was not imagining things, as I would sleep in my usual place, get bit, but if I slept in another area: no new bites. Well, about a month ago my parents started getting bit and it looks pretty severe looking at their arms. I’m starting to get bit AGAIN and as of now, it’s not bad but I know it will only get worse. They won’t do anything about it yet and just tell me to suck it up though I am deathly afraid of any kind of bug. I live in an apartment complex in Oklahoma. I am not sure if others have the same problem or not, as apparently it’s embarrasing to admit. I have no idea who or how these things got in here. We live paycheck by paycheck which is a week away right now. What can my parents do about it? Can we practically force the landlord to pay the extermination and followups? Do we somehow have to? Even though I’m a minor, can I force my parent’s into letting me temporarily live somewhere else (after extensive cleaning and checking everything and everywhere, everyday, for 2 weeks)

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