Evicting a tenant who lied about bedbug infestation

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We have a tenant (on retirement) (let’s call him George) who 2 years ago lied about the bed bug infestation in his apartment and even screamed and refused to allow the exterminator we hired then to fix the problem. The exterminator did his part with the other apartments and we thought we took care of the situation. This past year a tenant complained about bed bugs. We took this seriously and hired the exterminator again. 

Our building is a 6 family that we take care of ourselves. We know our tenants, most of the apartments are renovated, and we do our best to keep the building clean and fix any problems that arrive quickly. 
This past month another tenant had complained about a bed bug problem. We realized that this can not be an isolated incident. So we had the exterimnator come again, except this time we wanted for all the apartments to be exterminated. George was difficult and refused to allow the exterminator that we have been working with to enter his apartment. We comprised and found another exterminator. When we saw the state of George’s apartment we realized why he felt uncomfortable letting someone in. He is a bit of a hoarder. Exterminator #2 said that nearly everything had to go from George’s apartment, that it had spread to all the walls of the apartment. The infestation was so bad you could easily see the bed bugs. After we agreed to pay for a new mattress for George and that the extermination team will do an extentive extermination without throwing out all his things, he agreed. 
Now George wants us to pay for his hotel room while the extermination took place but the worst part is that the infestation is still there. And another tenant has complained. Mind you, we paid for the exterimination and it is expensive. Something like this could have been taken care of 2 years ago at a lesser expense and hopefully it would not have affected any of our other tenants.
Can we evict this tenant in NYC? How long will this take?
Bed bugs are hard to get rid of. In order to accomplish this, the apartment has to be gutted becasue the bugs are in the walls and we have to exterminated it again and all the other apartments. This man is a bit of a hoarder and not cleanly. i know every effort will be pointless if all the possibly hiding places are not cleared and it will take us some time to completey rid our building of the bed bugs. I’m worried that the infestation will get worst and spread to all the walls and apartments. Please help with any informtion. We are worried about our building and our tenants health. 

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