Virginia tenants have rights, solving security deposit problems is your right...

Every day, tenants like you, turn to the RPA to quickly get deposits refunded & unfair charges dropped. Filing a Complaint with the RPA is the fastest and most effective way to get your deposit refunded and unfair deductions dropped. - even attorneys rely on the RPA to help solve dispute problems for their clients. As a tenant you have rights to fight for your every penny of your deposit. Yes, the RPA fight to get your deposit back.

What Virginia Security Deposit Problems Can the RPA solve?

Did you know... the RPA accepts all deposit complaints, but these are the most common complaints resolved by our organization:
  • Security Deposit Refunds

    Getting your security deposit back promptly.
  • Charges to Security Deposit

    Unfair, False, Unreasonable, or other types of deductions
TIP: On the complaint form you can request that your landlord reimburse you for the $35 complaint filing fee. (that's the only required fee to file a complaint)

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Bed Bug Treatment Costs | Case#**-*288
My unit had a bug infestation in October. I was held responsible and eventually had to pay $1700 ( agreed to pay in a couple of installments) for the treatment costs. Today I noticed some bugs again and I informed the manager about the same. I am just worried that I might end up paying for the treatment again. I have been living in the US since 2009 and I have never experienced this problem in the couple of places I lived previously. FYI : Just yesterday I noticed an other unit in my apartment complex undergoing bug treatment, which shows the presence of the problem in other units.
HEALTH , Fire Danger, Mold And Asbestos And Poisonous Bugs And Plants | Case#**-*865
WALNUT CREEK, CA - 94597 3410 premium Properties managed property until owner Susan Cunningham decided to take over leaving me no opt out. I paid a full year in good faith that this would not happen. the owner lives 20 feet away in a garage type unit while I lived in house. ONce she took over she continually emailed and harassed me, eavesdropped on my private conversations outside window, never fixed anything including her tree roots clogging septic and raw sewage oozing out of my shower and under toilets. I have small children whom got very ill from this. I found 3 black widows, 1 brown recluse, even a scorpion inside house. I asked her to spray, she did not. I asked her to get rid of tall brush and weeds causing severe fire danger to me, my pets and children, she would not. There were thousands of poisonous mushrooms, my dog got very ill and almost dies, I asked her to please have her Gardner get rid of, she did not. HOuse had pond with disease carrying mosquitos, I asked her to drain, she would not. the house was advertised to have WORKING dishwasher, garbage disposal, fireplace and jetted bathtub, all were broken for 1 year, I asked, I begged her to fix even just dishwasher, SHE DID NOT. I was supposed to get pool key so my kids and I could go on one of the many 100 degree days....she did not. she was mean, rude and caused me so much anxiety with her cruelty, I had to take medication. she is an unstable, angry terrifying old lady. I moved out because my kids, pets and I were all getting sick from everything plus mold, black mold everywhere and asbestos and lead paint.
Non Return Of Security Deposit | Case#**-*201
CORAL SPRINGS, FL - 33065 7105 We moved out of our apartment May 1st. The apartment was clean and there was no damage, Mariam thanked us for cleaning, she said no one ever cleans. She rewarded us by not returning our deposit or our phone calls, and text messages. She is ignoring us so she doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t have to give us our deposit. She is the worst landlord I ever had and is a nasty, offensive person.
RICHMOND, California - 94804 The house that I rented in was break in by burglar on 9/8. Small repair was done in the front door, and alarm was installed and repaired the old door on 9/9. Finally the old door removed to put the new door on 9/12-this was not done at the beginning since there was problem to find the right door size. The old door is trashed in front of the yard along with attached alarm. So I had the place without alarm for several days. Finally the new door installed(raw material, chipped here and there and with marked everywhere-dirty door) and I had to call for the alarm guy to find the sensor from the front yard where they trashed the old door. On 9/12 Darryl-the agent come just to make appointment with the door guy-and he was going on vacation. A handyman came over on 9/15, but did not fix the front door-the hinges and knobs front and back door are supposed to be taken care of per Darryl. The handyman did not do the work on the doors and left saying he is busy and will not be able to do the work in the future. I have texted Darryl on 9/15 and today 9/23-asking him to come over to inspect the door when he comes back. He has not responded back. I do not know the owner and only deal with darryl as the broker. He is always acting unprofessional and careless. I am staying in this apartment and felt unsafe after the break in. I like to get some help with this situation. Thank you.
Carpet In My Apartment Is Rotten. | Case#**-*802
Carpet in my apartment is Rotten and needs to be replaced.
Bed Bug Treatment | Case#**-*894
LAWRENCE, KS - 66047 2811 We had found a dead bug a couple of months ago (Aug,2010) and complained to the management. After a check, the management decided to treat the apartment. We have been asked to pay the full amount for treatment, which is around $950. When we contacted the manager, she informed us that we were responsible, since we brought in the bedbugs and also that it comes under damages to the apartment, since in the lease it is mentioned that any damages to the apartment is the renters responsibility. The bedbugs could have come from anywhere, and the infestation is not severe, we have not had a single issue after we found the dead bug earlier. We have been asked to pay up the full amount by November 3rd, 2010.
Bedbug Infestion | Case#**-*352
The bedbug infestion. At 576 High Street LLC has been going on for 5 years and back in 2009 i made you aware of it many times as well as many times since then ,you have seen with your own eyes the extent of the bedbug problem but have chose many cheap home remedys and bug fogger bombs to no avail and continually refuse to call in an exterminator ,the issue meanwhile continues to get worse and worse , i now find bedbugs crawling around my kitchen and bathroom , i cannot have company or family over to my house. Let alone any romantic intrests in fear of spreading bedbugs to others plus i as well as everyone in building cannot sleep many nights.I speak on behalf of every tenent in building on demanding that you (the landlord) hire a profesional exterminator Asap in dealing with the bedbug infestion at 576 high street middletown ct.
Unrefunded deposit- 45 days after vacating | Case#**-*931
I vacated apt 2404 in July 31, 2013 and I still have not received my security deposit back in the amount of about 297.10. I've called several times and discussed with a Below a copy of the email sent to both Hemisview village and Corporate office: lady called Ana (no last name provided) and she continues to assure me the check is on its way. I realize I made a mistake with the forwarding address but that should not delay the delivery for 2 additional weeks. In addition the property made a mistake charging me for extended stay on my lease that I requested but they denied, and I will be receiving 2 separate checks, so God knows when I will receive the 2nd check. I need a response by COB on Sept 16, otherwise I would have to proceed filing a complain with the rental protection agency as by law the limit on returning security deposit is 30 days.
Repair Issues | Case#**-*212
Las Vegas, Nevada - 89101 A portion of the roof ripped off during high winds and the landlord is refusing to fix it, the electrical in the apartment doesn\'t work nor does the plumbing. I am being forced to live in unsanitary conditions. I have spoken with him several times about the issues and he says over and over again he will take care of the issues and he does not. I just want him to fix the issues. There is a portion of my roof missing - this is unacceptable!
Noisy AC Units, Over 65 DB In Bedrooms So Far They Refused To Help. | Case#**-*766
Scottsdale , Arizona - 85255 Since last January we notified the leasing office that the noise from the malfunctionning AC units in the bedrooms was umbearable, they ignored us. In February we started to communicate through emails, the only solution they proposed was to break the lease and pay over $5000. It is not our fault if the unit is noisy. On April 9th, we sent them notice to break the lease because they failed to repair or find source of noisy HVAC unit. We informed them we want to leave April 30th 2015. They still want to charge us over $5000 to break the lease. This is unacceptable to us. The unit has 3 bedrooms, one of them is unusable due to the noise and vibrations caused by the faulty units. This has cause great stress to my family. We cannot sleep. My daughters are having difficulties at school for the lack of sleep. My wife and I work 7/7 and are exhausted. We hope you can help.

Deposit Dispute Complaint Process in 3 Simple Steps:

  • File Apartment Complaint: Fill out complaint form with your proposed resolution. Instantly recieve your case number.
  • Check Status: See the current status, respond, upload files or images, accept fair solution or purpose alternative solutions.
  • Landlord Public Record: Positive or Negative record is attached to landlord based upon their responses. Your (tenant) information is not made public.

Complaints Tips:

Uploading pictures / files is helpful
Try to request fair solutions
Focus on major issue, not on many
Check your status every 3 days
Avoid accusations or hostile tones
Be willing to accept alternate solution

How Does the RPA Help Me Get My Deposit Back?

As a tenant you have the right to get every penny of your deposit back. When you file a complaint through the Rental Protection Agency this starts a formal dispute resolution process in which the RPA will do everything in our power to see that your landlord promptly resolves your complaint. Landlords know that if they fail to cooperate with the RPA it can result in a negative public record that can make it hard for them to fill vacancies in the future.

Why is there a Filing Fee of $35

The $35 filing fee is the only required fee to process a complaint. The fee is required to help offset the cost of representing your complaint. The RPA complaint center is designed as a low cost legal solution for tenants and in most cases is more affordable than other legal options. Many tenants will compare the cost of filing a complaint to the cost of not filing a complaint. If you file a complaint and the problem is resolved will the solution be worth the cost of filing the complaint?

TIP: Don't forget, on the complaint form you can request that your landlord reimburse you for filing fee.

Complaint Filing Deadline:


File Official Complaint

File Complaint $35 Processing Fee Required

Check Case Status

Check Case Status

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Why do other Tenants File Deposit Complaints?

Most tenants file a complaint with the RPA to solve the problem such as getting a deposit refunded, or to get an unfair charge or deduction removed. However, some tenants file a complaint to report the landlord publicly as a warning to other tenants. When a complaint is filed against a landlord it will show up on their public record which is indexed by all major search engines. Filing a complaint is one way for tenants to stand up against bad landlords to warn future tenants about deposit problems they've had.

Does the RPA Guarantee to Solve My Deposit Refund Complaint?

We do guarantee to do everything in our power to solve each complaint that is filed. However, there are some situations where bad landlords fail to cooperate. The RPA can't force a landlord to comply if they refuse; but we can impact their public record which can make it difficult for them to find new tenants. We guarantee to represent the complaint and to create a public record against landlords that fail to resolve complaints.

Will My Name Show up Publicly?

No. After the complaint is closed and made public; your information (tenant name) is removed. During the complaint process your complaint can only be accessed through your case number and pin number. Both the landlord and tenant are assigned a pin number that is unique. The RPA protects tenant's privacy by blocking your name from the public record database. However, the record does show the landlord name.

Protection Against Landlord Retaliation

Its unlawful for your landlord to retaliate against you because you filed a complaint. Your landlord cannot evict, harass, limit access, raise rent, or treat you unfairly because you filed a complaint. As a tenant, you must still pay rent and comply with rent terms stated within your contract. Filing a complaint does not eliminate your responsibilities.

Complaint Filing Deadline:


File Official Complaint

File Complaint $35 Processing Fee Required

Check Case Status

Check Case Status

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Common Questions About Security Deposit Refunds

All 50 States have regulations that protect security deposits. In most cases the landlord is required to provide a refund within 30 days and must provide proof cost associated with charges or deductions against your deposit. Many states require the landlord to furnish copies of receipts for work completed. If you have a deposit refund dispute or feel your landlord is being unfair with your security deposit; you have rights. Filing a complaint is one of those rights.

The RPA Accepts All Rental Complaints.

Common Complaints

  • Unlawful Entry/Eviction
  • Management Problems
  • Neighbor Problems
  • Billing/Fees
  • Application Denial
  • Landlord Harassment
  • Collection Disputes
  • Lock Out
  • Short Sale/Foreclosure
  • Discrimination

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