Virginia tenants have rights, solving security deposit problems is your right...

Every day, tenants like you, turn to the RPA to quickly get deposits refunded & unfair charges dropped. Filing a Complaint with the RPA is the fastest and most effective way to get your deposit refunded and unfair deductions dropped. - even attorneys rely on the RPA to help solve dispute problems for their clients. As a tenant you have rights to fight for your every penny of your deposit. Yes, the RPA fight to get your deposit back.

What Virginia Security Deposit Problems Can the RPA solve?

Did you know... the RPA accepts all deposit complaints, but these are the most common complaints resolved by our organization:
  • Security Deposit Refunds

    Getting your security deposit back promptly.
  • Charges to Security Deposit

    Unfair, False, Unreasonable, or other types of deductions
TIP: On the complaint form you can request that your landlord reimburse you for the $35 complaint filing fee. (that's the only required fee to file a complaint)

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Repair Issues | Case#**-*965
I contacted management about the my ceiling collapsing and destroying my bed. I also contacted them about all the other things wrong in my apartment and I have yet to hear anything back from management. The maintenance man came and tore down the damaged areas, but that is all he did. Unfortunately all other problems in the apartment have been overlooked for nearly a one year period. They have even had an inspection and walkthrough, yet nothing has been done.
Will not return security deposit. | Case#**-*639
COLUMBUS, OH - 43212 2256 My former landlord, Dan Rubin, has knowingly neglected to return my security deposit, nor did he send me an explanation itemizing any deductions he was making from the security deposit (which legally must be supplied to me within 30 days of vacating the unit. I moved out of the unit on August 4th, 2010. The first few months after that, I had initiated several phone conversations with Dan Rubin. He explained to me that the reason he hadn't refunded my security deposit was because he was unable to locate a copy of my lease from the previous owner stating the total deposit amount. In fact, the property had changed hands 3 times during the time i lived there, so this seem very believable. In February of this year, while unpacking boxes, I found a copy of the last lease I signed. I mailed it to Dan but he has not made any attempt to pay me or even contact me. I left the unit clean and in good shape for having lived there for 7 years.
Wont fix Septic backing up, toliet leaks, kitchen faucet broke off, front door lock keeps coming apa | Case#**-*803
Magnolia, Kentucky - 42757 The smell of the Spetic is so bad that it about makes you sick to be in the house. The kitchen sink shoots straight up since the faucet is broke and I cant even clean my dishes. Bathroom carpet stays wet from where the toliet leaks. It is very difficult to lock the front door because the lock falls apart when you stick the key in it. Lizzie Seward has told Bonnie Shofner several times of these problems and he said he would not fix anything.
Unfair Lease Terms, Application Denial, Quiet Enjoyment While Renting | Case#**-*471
I want to report my landlord. We have had noise complain from our down stairs neighbor because of my one year old but our neighbor said that the noise has improved. We have scheduled play time and also do not allow my son to walk only between 9am to 9pm. The tenant down stairs came to our apartment and harassed my family by making disrespectful comments and used profanity on my family. I addressed the issue with my landlord and he did nothing to resolve the issue. We were in the process on a new lease to add my kids and wife but he denied my lease/application because the kids make too much noise. However, he already agreed to allow them to stay and also had a new lease signed but suddenly he changed his mind and said there was no lease and gave us a check and returned the money back. The lease was signed on 2004 and states for my mom, sister and myself to live there but my sister has been married for years now, thus the reason I wanted to add my new family. I have been in the property with my mom for 15 years and have never had a complaint. I addressed some repairs that needed in my apartment and has not fixed them yet. Also, to make matters worse. I addressed a concern to my landlord about the lease that was signed recently, I wanted a copy and a cost of rent addition was going to happen but then my landlord got upset and wanted to fight me. I did not engage because I did not wanted problems so I called the cops. However, I don’t think its right for a landlord to intimidate his tenants with physical violence. He is not making it quite enjoyment while renting. Please help because I do not want my family evicted. I have been living in the property since I was young and would like my family to live there as well but my landlord seems to be discriminating towards my family because of my race and family status.
Landlord problems | Case#**-*713
GREELEY, CO - 80634 5221 We have multiple things..our lease says we don't pay utilities but they still make us, the noise and partying is out of control, I have called to turn on our heat because there is a blizzard and it still isn't is 60-65 and I have an infant and two other children and they are cold. We always have to ask them to turn on the heat. People party and pass out in the hall and puke by our window and nothing is done about it. I'm still waiting for things to be fixed...since the new management took over it has gotten worse. I can go on and on with problems we have with them. I need help or someone I can get involved to help us fight our case.
Breach Of Agreement | Case#**-*684
On 04/06/2014 of the RESIDENTIAL LEASE I was view over the contract of ALL the maintenances of the utilities for my apartment and the COMMERCE sales agent told me about the entire place on the contract and my responsibilities of the up stairs floor that I will have is the ONLY part of the building that is on the gas. When I first started using my gas my bill was only $60.00 and then when it got cold I had to call up COMMERCE REALTOR to have my gas heating thermostat moved from the down stairs to the up stairs and I found that was very crazy if the down stairs they said to me ONLY run on electric. So after the next bill came and I had turned the heat on the Bill jumped to $251.00 and then I had the gas company inspectors come out to see what's wrong, and they inspect the whole building with a print out and said to me you are paying for the whole building heat and gave me a copy of the report so I took a copy to COMMERCE and told them about they own me for heating the building.02/16/15
Repair Issues | Case#**-*659
MCMINNVILLE, OR - 97128 6132 I have been asking for several weeks now for my downstairs heater to be fixed. I have talked with the landlord, the handy man & the owner. They did bring a space heater until it got fixed but that was weeks ago & it doesn\'t heat up my house. I have an eight month old who\'s hands & ears are getting so cold that when I touch them it\'s freezing. I don\'t think it is a single bit acceptable that it takes this long to get something fixed for someone who is renting from you, pays rent on time every month & rent got raised. A heater in my eyes is a very important thing to be fixed especially when our weather has been below freezing.
Breach Of Agreement | Case#**-*989
DSRT HOT SPGS, CA - 92240 7059 I have made four verbal complaints and two written complaints to Cal-Am Properties and to this date all have been totally ignored by Cal-Am Management. I purchased my unit two years ago and since that time I have had almost a continual problem with golfers walking on my lot. They enter onto my sidewalks on both sides of my unit, in my car port, up on my porch and in between my unit and my neighbors. When I ask them not to do this they become very rude and confrontational with me. I would like to point out that the majority of the golfers just want to have fun playing golf and they do not infringe on my lot. However, about 10 percent are very rude and tell me that I live on a golf course and they have the right to retrieve their golf ball anyplace on my unit. This past season I was threatened by one of the golfers. I have spoken with Mr. Alexander Augustyn GM several times about this matter and very recently he told me that as far as he is concerned the golfers have the right to walk on my lot. I ask Mr. Ausgustyn to provide me with the golf course rules and regulations and he refused to do so. I am asking Cal-Am Properties provide me with these regulations and also implement a policy of enforcement of these rules.
we have had no hot water since monday no heat and very little electricity | Case#**-*239
Danville, Pennsylvania - 17815 we have been telling him since Monday and things only got worse please help we have two kids living here!!
Unsafe Living Conditions/Neglect | Case#**-*637
LANCASTER, CA - 93534 4718 I have been neglected, and they have refused to fix my open and exposed ceiling in my bedroom. There is black mold on my ceiling and I\\\'m being forced to sleep in my living room. To make matters worse, they decided to increase my rent a total of $250 a month despite this and have recently verbally threatened to evict me because I am dissatisfied and I make this known.

Deposit Dispute Complaint Process in 3 Simple Steps:

  • File Apartment Complaint: Fill out complaint form with your proposed resolution. Instantly recieve your case number.
  • Check Status: See the current status, respond, upload files or images, accept fair solution or purpose alternative solutions.
  • Landlord Public Record: Positive or Negative record is attached to landlord based upon their responses. Your (tenant) information is not made public.

Complaints Tips:

Uploading pictures / files is helpful
Try to request fair solutions
Focus on major issue, not on many
Check your status every 3 days
Avoid accusations or hostile tones
Be willing to accept alternate solution

How Does the RPA Help Me Get My Deposit Back?

As a tenant you have the right to get every penny of your deposit back. When you file a complaint through the Rental Protection Agency this starts a formal dispute resolution process in which the RPA will do everything in our power to see that your landlord promptly resolves your complaint. Landlords know that if they fail to cooperate with the RPA it can result in a negative public record that can make it hard for them to fill vacancies in the future.

Why is there a Filing Fee of $35

The $35 filing fee is the only required fee to process a complaint. The fee is required to help offset the cost of representing your complaint. The RPA complaint center is designed as a low cost legal solution for tenants and in most cases is more affordable than other legal options. Many tenants will compare the cost of filing a complaint to the cost of not filing a complaint. If you file a complaint and the problem is resolved will the solution be worth the cost of filing the complaint?

TIP: Don't forget, on the complaint form you can request that your landlord reimburse you for filing fee.

Complaint Filing Deadline:


File Official Complaint

File Complaint $35 Processing Fee Required

Check Case Status

Check Case Status

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Why do other Tenants File Deposit Complaints?

Most tenants file a complaint with the RPA to solve the problem such as getting a deposit refunded, or to get an unfair charge or deduction removed. However, some tenants file a complaint to report the landlord publicly as a warning to other tenants. When a complaint is filed against a landlord it will show up on their public record which is indexed by all major search engines. Filing a complaint is one way for tenants to stand up against bad landlords to warn future tenants about deposit problems they've had.

Does the RPA Guarantee to Solve My Deposit Refund Complaint?

We do guarantee to do everything in our power to solve each complaint that is filed. However, there are some situations where bad landlords fail to cooperate. The RPA can't force a landlord to comply if they refuse; but we can impact their public record which can make it difficult for them to find new tenants. We guarantee to represent the complaint and to create a public record against landlords that fail to resolve complaints.

Will My Name Show up Publicly?

No. After the complaint is closed and made public; your information (tenant name) is removed. During the complaint process your complaint can only be accessed through your case number and pin number. Both the landlord and tenant are assigned a pin number that is unique. The RPA protects tenant's privacy by blocking your name from the public record database. However, the record does show the landlord name.

Protection Against Landlord Retaliation

Its unlawful for your landlord to retaliate against you because you filed a complaint. Your landlord cannot evict, harass, limit access, raise rent, or treat you unfairly because you filed a complaint. As a tenant, you must still pay rent and comply with rent terms stated within your contract. Filing a complaint does not eliminate your responsibilities.

Complaint Filing Deadline:


File Official Complaint

File Complaint $35 Processing Fee Required

Check Case Status

Check Case Status

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Common Questions About Security Deposit Refunds

All 50 States have regulations that protect security deposits. In most cases the landlord is required to provide a refund within 30 days and must provide proof cost associated with charges or deductions against your deposit. Many states require the landlord to furnish copies of receipts for work completed. If you have a deposit refund dispute or feel your landlord is being unfair with your security deposit; you have rights. Filing a complaint is one of those rights.

The RPA Accepts All Rental Complaints.

Common Complaints

  • Unlawful Entry/Eviction
  • Management Problems
  • Neighbor Problems
  • Billing/Fees
  • Application Denial
  • Landlord Harassment
  • Collection Disputes
  • Lock Out
  • Short Sale/Foreclosure
  • Discrimination

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