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Tenant Report: Basic National Tenant Check
This tenant screening report checks all 50 States for Criminal / Sex Offender Data.

Check ALL 50 States in Less Than 2 Minutes!!

Nationwide Criminal Records Search
Searches ALL 50 States Criminal Records & Sexual Offender Registries

FBI Terrorist List
Check to see if Tenant is a Known or Possible Terrorist

Wanted Fugitive Lists: Federal / State / Local
Learn if Your Tenant is a Wanted Criminal

Special search to Identify Tenants Linked to: Drug Trafficking, Illegal Trade, or Terrorist Activities
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Why RPAź Tenant Screening?

Better Data + More Accurate Results = Lower Risk!
The Data you need to make an educated decision.

Fast Results!! Report Completed within 2 Minutes!
Gain immediate access to the RPAź Screening System.

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No Risk Guarantees! Better Results & Best Price!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Single State Criminal Report

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The Screening Process

  • How do I comply with FCRA Requirements?
  • Do I have to be an RPAź Member?
  • What information do I need from my Applicant to run this report?
  • How quickly do I get my results?
  • Is the Rental Protection Agency considered a Credit Reporting Agency?