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Free Landlord History / Apartment Ratings

Before you rent from a Landlord, Property Manager or Major Apartment Community you should always check their rent history and risk score. Similar to a credit report, the RPA has created a detailed report on every rental property in the United States based on data from government agencies, propriatary sources and from renters like you. The Landlord History Report is the Nation's most advanced and accuarate reporting tool available to renters. RPA complies data on over 33 MILLION Rental Properties Nationwide! Scroll below to see all the information available, but most important don't forget to: Check BEFORE you RENT!!! Reports on 47,994,871 Rentals Nationwide!
The Nation's Most Advanced & Accurate Report Available to the Rental Industry!
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America's Comprehensive Landlord History Report

Address Verification
Rental Addresses are checked against records to confirm and validate legitamacy of rental. Zip code trace is also preformed.

Criminal History
Quickly view whether individuals with complete access to your rental have passed a criminal background check. (Background Checks are done on any individual that has keys to your rental such as: Manager, Owner, Maintenance, etc.)

  • 1 .Criminal History (State / National Criminal Databases)
  • 2. Sex / Violent Offender (Multi-State Search)
  • 3. Alias / Movement History (Identity Verifications)
  • 4. Federal Records (FBI / Terrorist / BXA)
  • 5. Global Records (Interpol / OFAC / OSFI)

RPA Approval
RPA Approved Landlords/ Properties must meet certain requirements and adhere to fair practices. In order to be in "Good Standing" staff that have access to your rental cannot be a Sex Offender or Convicted Felon.

  • 1. Date of Approval
  • 2. Background Results
  • 3. Status of Landlord/ Property
  • 4. Awarded Landlord/ Property Certifications

Landlord Complaints
Detailed overview of complaints filed against the landlord or rental property. View the status, type of complaint, disposition, landlord response rating, and the date it was closed.

Sex Offenders
Detailed review of sex offenders located near the rental. Provides number of sex offenders, their Name, Age, Address, Offenses, Picture, Vehicles, Targets, and Description of offenders. Info may not be available in all areas.

Crime Statistics
Detailed report on crime stats for the area based off of the last reported year. Includes number of: Violent Crimes, Murder, Rape, Robbery, Assualt, Property Crime, Buglary, Larceny, Vehicle Theft, and Arson. Shows the increase / decrease percentage.

  • 1. City Crime Stats
  • 2. State Crime Stats
  • 3. Regional Crime Stats
  • 4. National Crime Stats

Law Enforcement
Overview of law enforcement officers and the population they patrol and serve. Year by year chart of increases / decreases of officers. Data is compared to national averages based on per capita.

Vacancy Rates
Shows the percentage of rentals that are available for rent. Vacancy rates are graphed against national averages to see how your area compares.

Area Statistics
Complete summary of statistics that may impact the quality of life for the area. Compared to national averages.

  • 1. Transportation (Travel time / Type)
  • 2. Move History (Percentage / From State)
  • 3. Monthly Rent (Averages / Percentage)
  • 4. Demographics (Employment / Income)
  • 5. Education (High School /College)

Renter Comments
Read comments and ratings from current and previous renters. Quickly view whether the renter had a positive, negative, or nuteral experience and why. Comments are verified by trace technology and coded to protect identity of the renter.

Risk Score
The RPA uses guarded algorithims to determine the risk level of the landlord or rental property. The score is based from 0 to 900, the higher the score the less risk for you as a renter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tenant Identity Trace Report

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The Screening Process

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