Tenant Screening Packages:

Single State

$24.95 $19.95
1 Report
  • 1 State Criminal Record

    Felonies and Convictions,
    Arrest Records
    Sex Offender Records,
    Violent Offender Check

    (*may also include Traffic Violations)

(Basic Check)


$34.95 $29.95
3 Reports
  • 50 State Background Check

    Multi-StateCriminal Records , Sex Offender Search & Violent Persons Check.

  • Identity Trace | Alias Match | Address History

    SSN Validation, Alias / Name Search, Move History, Death Index, Business Check, Phone Records.

  • Global Check + FBI + Homeland Security

    FBI Lists, INTERPOL, Wanted Persons, AppAlert, OFAC, SDN List, OFAC, Illegal Trade, Drug Trafficking, Terrorism, US Patriot Act Compliance.

(Combined into 1 Report)

National + Credit Risk

$39.95 $34.95
4 Reports
  • 50 State Background Check
  • Identity Trace | Alias Match | Address History
  • Global Check + FBI + Homeland Security
  • Credit Financial Risk Report

    Court based financial check to find negative financial records such as Evictions, Collection Charges, Late Payments, Etc. This report will show only negative data and will not provide current debt or FICO Scores. Full credit reports are only available to commercial accounts as per FCRA rules.

(Delivered In Minutes)
90 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you find a like report that provides more data, the RPA will refund 100%

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50 State Criminal Background Check 50 State Criminal Background Check

Identity Trace + Stolen Identity Search Identity Trace + Stolen Identity Search

Global Check + FBI + Homeland Sec Global Check + FBI + Homeland Sec

Financial Credit Risk Report Financial Credit Risk Report

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RPA Tenant Screening Services:

The Rental Protection Agency prides itself in providing you with the most accurate tenant screening report; backed by our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. Don’t be fooled by other online screening websites that can’t provide FCRA Compliant Background Checks.

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What is FCRA Compliance?

FCRA is an acronym for Fair Credit Reporting Act-Federal Trade Commission. Did you know that when you screen a tenant you are only allowed to decline tenancy based on data provided by a Credit Reporting Agency like the Rental Protection Agency. Many online background check services are not FCRA compliant which means their data cannot be used to decline a tenant for tenancy. In fact, often the data provided by our competitors is nothing more than free public record searches disguised as real background data. As a Credit Reporting Agency, the RPA provides you with accurate reports that are compliant with Federal regulations.

Overview of Reports Available

Criminal Background Tenant Screening Report

The RPA provides you with enhanced criminal background reports and records. You can purchase a single State or all 50 State check option. To reduce risk, it is recommended you always choose the National check as it will provide in-depth results on all 50 States for just a few dollars more.

Is the Single State Check Good Enough?
Budgeting expenses is always wise; but when it comes to reducing risk and avoiding financial pitfalls its best to understand the cost of saving a few dollars. In most cases the Single State Report should not be used to screen a tenant as it will only show you data from one State. A Single State Background Check won’t be able to show you data from other States where the tenant may have previously lived or visited. Its always wise to do a thorough check to validate and confirm who you are really renting to.

Identity Trace | Alias Match | Address History

Rarely do our competitors offer or have access to this data. This report provides you a secret weapon that will help you ensure a more accurate tenant check. First, this report will provide you with a Social Security Number trace to confirm the identity of the tenant. It further identifies aliases, name variations and in some cases previous business records. But, the valuable part of this data is the detailed overview of move history and patterns. If you find the tenant is moving every couple of months it can mean the tenant is either continually breaking their leases or is being evicted.

Did you know that its estimated that less than 10% of all tenant evictions go through court? That means that 90% of all evictions are off the record and not discovered by common background checks. The Address History can be a good indicator about the tenants hidden evictions that would have been missed otherwise.

Global Check + FBI + Homeland Security

Although listed as one report; this part of the National package checks numerous databases both domestic and international. The main benefit of this check is to find any criminal activities that wouldn’t show up on State level reports. Its dives into the FBI database to find wanted criminals, watch lists and more.

This tenant screening report helps to quickly identify individuals that may be involved in organized crime, drug or human trafficking, smuggling, illegal business activity, parole violators, or terrorist related activities. It also checks State and Local Governments watch lists for wanted people.

Credit Financial Risk Report

This report is designed to provide you with negative financial data such as evictions, collections, liens, late payments, and judgments. This report is an alternative to a full-blown credit report but does not provide FICO scores or current debt / history like a traditional credit report. Instead, it finds negative financial records based on court searches.

The Federal Government prohibits Credit Reporting Agencies from providing full-blown credit reports to Landlords that don’t qualify for commercial status. Full Credit Reports are available to RPA Approved Landlords; but still have some limitations. For example we require your each applicant to provide permission via email before we can show full-blown credit reports. The Credit Financial Risk Report is an instant alternative that doesn’t require the same commercial requirements as do traditional credit reports. This is a requirement set by the Government and not our organization.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Once a report is purchased; they are non-refundable unless they qualify for our Money Back Guarantee. We pride our tenant screening service in providing landlords with the most accurate reports available online. If you find a like report from a competitor that provides more data, simply send us a copy of the paid report and we refund every penny.