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Free Landlord Check

Check out ANY Landlord / Rental in the USA!
The Nation's Public Record Database for Landlord History & Creditability.

Available on 42,450,484 rental units in USA
As of:  MAR 21, 2010 | 06:22 EST
Get an INSTANT Record on ANY Landlord in America!
What Info is on the Report?  Sample Landlord Risk Report/ Score ™  How to Video (watch video)
The Rental Protection AgencyŽ maintains public record on every landlord in America by compiling data from public records, government databases, propriatary data, complaint records, and landlord / tenant reported history.
Overview of Landlord Risk Report/ ScoreSM
Landlord Risk Score
Easy to read slider indicates your landlord risk level ranging from 0 to 900
0 = High Risk   900 = Low Risk
Complaints Filed Against Landlord
See if your landlord has any official complaints filed against them. Includes type of complaint/ disposition/ and date of case.

Have a landlord complaint? File complaint here
Landlord Ratings Reported by Tenants
Positive, Neutral, and Negative smiley icons indicate if the landlord has ratings from previous tenants. You can even leave your own rating.

What to rate a landlord? How to rate your landlord
Interactive Map and Photo of Rental
Enlarge to full screen, zoom in/out, walk around the neighborhood, toggle between satellite or map overlays, drag mouse to for 360 views... all without leaving your computer! (Requires address search)

Powered by Google Maps.
Landlord Earned Certifications/ Awards

Has your landlord won any awards or taken certification courses?  Quickly see how qualified your landlord / manager is.

See what Landlord Certifications are available
RPAŽ Landlord Status:

RPAŽ ApprovedTM Requires landlord to pass criminal background check.
RPAŽ VerifiedTM Identity traced landlord. Confirmed /Verified Identity.
RPAŽ VerifiedTM Landlord has passed 1 or more certification courses.
RPAŽ VerifiedTM Scam Tested Landlord
Area Crime Stats / Law Enforcement Data:

Study criminal statistics surrounding the rental from # of police officers to types of crimes committed and quantity. Compare statistics by year.

Rental Statistics, Area Facts, Vacancy Rates

Glance at statistics such as: Travel time, Move history, Average Rent, Education Level, Transportation, Vacancy rates.

Landlord Risk Score Calculations:
Numerical values are assigned and calculated based on a mathematical algorithm that compares data from both public and proprietary sources. Scores are calculated both on data prepared in the report and by data hidden from the report. Scores also take into consideration data surrounding the rental itself. Risk scores are dynamically calculated each time a report is pulled.

Free Landlord Check Questions:

   How to pull a free landlord check

  • What information should be used to check my landlord?
    To get the most accurate report on your landlord, you should search with all available information. You can search with just an address, or just a landlord or property name, however a combination of address and landlord name and property name would be the best option.
  • How long does it take to get results on my landlord?
    The Landlord Risk Report / Score™ is instantly created within seconds of running the check. The RPA® will access millions of records within seconds and instantly process the report.
  • What if my landlord isn't PRA Approved?
    If your landlord isn't registered and approved by the RPA® it simply means that they haven't taken the steps necessary to obtain this status and/or cannot obtain the status due to past criminal history, landlord complaint history, poor rental practices, etc. Ask your landlord why they aren't RPA5reg; Approved.
  • Why does the Landlord Risk Score vary for the same landlord?
    Landlord risk scores are dynamically created based upon the search criteria used. The score is actually calculated more on the rental and its surroundings rather than just on the landlord. Its very possible for the same landlord to have multiple risk scores based upon each renal location.

   Reporting data to the RPA®

  • How can I report data to the RPA®?
    Tenants can rate their landlord or apartment, report landlord, or file a complaint in order for this data to show and impact the Landlord Risk Report / Score™
  • How do Landlords become RPA® Approved™?
    In order for a landlord to obtain RPA® Approved, Verified, Certified or Scam Tested status they must first register with the RPA® and pass a complete background check and verification process.
  • How can landlords improve their risk scores?
    To improve risk scores the landlord should maintain a clean complaint record by promptly resolving all complaints, become RPA® Approved, receive positive tenant ratings, and actively work to lower crime rates in the area.
  • How often does the RPA® update the database?
    The landlord public record database is constantly being updated. New rental addresses are included in the RPA®: index within 30 days of their creation, while other data such as complaint records, approval status, apartment ratings are updated and included in the the index as they occur. Criminal statistics, vacancy statistics, law enforcement data, and area stats are updated in yearly updates as they become available.

   Public Record Index

  • Before renting from a landlord...
    When choosing a rental property and landlord, you should consider many factors and conditions. The data in this report can be used to help in the decision process, but should not be the sole deciding factor. Some of the data available in the report is derived from public suppositories that can have inaccuracies or errors. Tenants should not use the Landlord Risk Report / Score™ as the sole deciding factor and should note that the RPA® does not validate or verify individual ratings created by tenants. (Apartment ratings are the sole representation of the individual poster and not the RPA®)
  • Official Landlord Complaint Records
    Complaint records are attached to the landlord risk report as filed by the tenant. The RPA®: takes efforts to resolve complaints by assigning an RPA® Agent to mediate with the landlord and tenant to find a fair solution. Complaints filed by tenants are the opinion of the tenant that filed the report and not the RPA®, however, the RPA7reg; will document and rate how well the landlord acted to resolve the complaint. Landlords that responsibly resolve complaints will improve their risk scores due to their professional manner in which they handled the complaint.
  • Landlords reported to the RPA®
    If a landlord has been reported to the RPA® the record is strictly the opinion of the tenant and is not validated or confirmed by the RPA®. Landlords that have been reported to the RPA® are not formally contacted, thus the "report only" is a warning posted by a tenant based on their experiences and not the opinion of the RPA®.
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Renters 118,264,906
Rental Units 47,968,571
Landlords 24,273,972
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