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Limited State™

Single State Check + Free Identity Trace
  • Single State Check
    Criminal Records Sex / Violent Offender
  • Identity Trace™ (BONUS)
    Social Security # Validation Address History / Move Pattern Alias ID, Name Match, Age, Phone
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Tenant Screening Services:

Limited State
Price: $24.95 Now $19.95

Single State Check Identity Trace ™

Includes 2 Reports!
(Popular Package)
Total State™ + Credit Risk
Price: $29.95

Single State Check
Financial Risk Report Identity Trace™

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Includes 3 Reports!
(Choice Package)
Total National™ + Credit Risk
Price: $34.95

50 State Check
Identity Trace™
Global / Terrorist Financial Risk Report

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Includes 4 Reports!
Members Package
Tenant Credit Check
Price: Requires login

Credit Report / FICO Identity Validation National Criminal Approval Suggestion

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50 State Criminal Background Check 50 State Criminal Background Check

Identity Trace + Stolen Identity Search Identity Trace + Stolen Identity Search

Global Check + FBI + Homeland Sec Global Check + FBI + Homeland Sec

Financial Credit Risk Report Financial Credit Risk Report

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I almost rented to a guy who turned out to be a convicted felon and sex offender. That was money well spent!
Stacie Skelton (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tenant Screening Packages

  • Total National™ + Credit Risk Report
    The Choice package provides more conclusive data to help eliminate risk. Although the package contains 4 total reports; for simplicity the National Background Check, Identity Trace, and Global Check are combined into one report. The Financial Credit Risk Report is ran separately from the 3 in 1 background report. For details on each report, scroll down to see explanations below.
  • Total State™ + Credit Risk Report
    Like the Choice package above, this report provides a Financial Credit Risk Report, Identity Trace Report, and Criminal/ Sex Offender search. The big difference between this report and the choice package is that this report will do a criminal background check in one State only and not all 50 States.
  • Limited State™ + Identity Trace
    This basic package will provide you with a single state background check, and includes a free bonus Identity Trace Report. This package doesn't provide a Financial Credit Risk Report.
  • Member's Package
    The member's package requires you to be an RPA® Approved Landlord. This is a special package that allows you to view complete credit information on your tenants such as recurring debts, loan history, payment history, etc. To access full credit reports you will need to login to your landlord panel. Member's will gain access to full credit reports, however; the system does require an email to be sent to your prospective tenant to confirm their identity before any full credit report is shown.

Explanation of Individual Reports

  • National Background Check
    The National Background Check pulls data from criminal record databases across the country. All 50 States are available through the RPA® tenant screening services.
  • Financial Credit Risk Report
  • Identity Trace Report
  • Single State Criminal Report
  • Global / Terrorist Check