Report Landlord, Property Manager, or Apartment to the RPA®
Use this option for reporting bad or problem landlords to the Rental Protection Agency®

Report Landlord or Apartment Manager:
Option 1: Reports and Documents Only

  • Written Documentation of Problem
  • Alerts RPA® About Landlord / Manager
  • No Investigation or Resolution Help
  • Free, No Required Fee

File Landlord or Apartment Complaint:
Option 2: Reports, Documents, and Resolves Problems

View sample complaint
Protected Against
Landlord Retaliation!
  • Immediate Case Number
  • Dedicated RPA® Agent
  • 24/7 Real-time Status Updates
  • Attached to Public Record
  • Requires $35 Filing Fee

Free Rental Advice:

Get answers to your question.

Common Complaints: (Click on for more information)
  • Security Deposit Dispute
  • Unlawful Entry/ Eviction
  • Bed Bug Infestation
  • Management Problems
  • Repair Problem
  • Neighbor Problems
  • Code Violations
  • Billing/ Fees
  • Unfair Lease Terms
  • Application Denial
  • Black or Toxic Mold

Frequently Asked Questions:

Reporting Landlord / Manager to RPA®

  • How can I report my landlord?
  • What happens after I report my landlord?
  • What can or can’t I say?
  • What’s the difference: "Report Landlord" vs "File Complaint"?

After Reporting Landlord

  • Can I report my landlord and file a complaint?
  • How will it affect my landlord?
  • Can I remove the record after reporting it?
  • Will the RPA take any legal action against Landord?

Landlord Risk Report / Score™

  • What is the Landlord Risk Report?
  • How can I check my landlord’s public record?
  • How will reporting Landlord potential tenants?
  • How long will the Report against my landlord last?

Rental Statistics /Clock

As of JUL 2,2015 | 12:48 EST
Renters 109,420,976
Landlords 22,482,797
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