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tenant subletting without landlord's consent,landlord wants an eviction

Date: Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 5:48 pm
Category: General Topics

my tenant has moved 2 people into the garage. Now they are claiming to be guests, even tho they have a bed ,t.v. gaming system, cardboard boxes for insulation on the floor and walls. they are obviously more than guests, what type of form do I evict them with? the typical form calls them tenants,which […]

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Landlord Repair Obligations

Beverly NC Mother of new renter
Date: Sunday, April 14th, 2013 11:59 am
Category: General Topics

My son is renting a house in NC paying $975 per month plus utilities. His last utilities bill was 4 times the normal amount and was determined to be an a/c problem. The landlord was contacted and sent someone to look at it but was never repaired. Now the landlord is ignoring son’s phone calls […]

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Using security deposit as last month’s rent

Date: Saturday, April 13th, 2013 1:32 am
Category: General Topics

The moment you move in the rental unit fees like security deposit, pet fees and last and first month’s rent are being paid to the landlord. These fees work like an insurance for the landlord if ever the tenant decides to leave the rental unit without going through the legal process of giving a written […]

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How to terminate lease due to medical reasons?

Date: Saturday, April 13th, 2013 1:23 am
Category: General Topics

No one really expects to experience dealing with any kind of crisis in life most especially if it is a medical crisis. But when this happens to you, it may change your life to a high new level. You or someone living with you may be incapable to continue living in your current apartment. If […]

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my apartments has rats

Date: Friday, April 12th, 2013 1:27 pm
Category: General Topics

my name is abiona sylowe and this week i saw rats in my apartment for the first time. i called the office and two days later they have the pest control people put down one trap. myself an my son have been staying at a hotel because i dont think its safe to have us […]

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Eviction without signed lease agreement

Date: Friday, April 12th, 2013 1:11 am
Category: Apartment Complaint, General Topics

There are many tenants out there that experienced moving in into this apartment without even signing a lease agreement, they maybe first time renters or just in a hurry to move and settle in. This is where a lot of tenant problems come and most of the time landlords serve eviction notices to the tenants […]

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bed bugs

IL Former Renter
Date: Thursday, April 11th, 2013 4:18 am
Category: Apartment Complaint, Frustrated Renter, General Topics, Legal Questions, Renter Q & A

i first came across the bed bug problem about two weeks ago.. i immediatlu contacted the building management and then my landlord my landlord took about a week before he took care of the problem. it has now been two wesks and i.noticed that the treatment my landlord used didnt work and i still have […]

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How to terminate lease before occupancy?

Date: Thursday, April 11th, 2013 2:48 am
Category: General Topics

By the time a tenant signed a lease agreement, he is now bound to the lease. Many landlords often ask or hire a lawyer to draft all their lease agreements for their tenants. Any signed lease agreements can be disbanded if the landlord and the tenant can come up with a mutual understanding. The only […]

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Tenant tips for holding deposit

Date: Thursday, April 11th, 2013 2:44 am
Category: General Topics

Holding deposit is the amount of money a tenant pays the landlord to take a rental unit off the market up until the time the tenant moves in. Typically this happens when a tenant sees a prospective unit he likes but is unable to move in right away. In order to secure the unit for […]

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Tips to get your buddy in the door

Date: Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 1:15 am
Category: General Topics

Being a pet owner and trying to look for a rental unit with your buddy is sometimes enough to make a tenant howl. It is really very exasperating most especially if your buddy is bigger than your lady purse; however with today’s economy and vacancy rates are up and landlords struggling to find someone to […]

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