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Reasons for early lease termination

Date: Saturday, April 6th, 2013 9:36 pm
Category: General Topics

The landlord has two choices on the kind of lease he can give his tenant; he can either give them a fixed term lease or a periodic lease. A fixed term lease is also called a tenancy for years lease which lasts at least 12 months while a periodic lease is also called a month-to-month […]

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Allowing home for multiple renters

Date: Saturday, April 6th, 2013 1:17 am
Category: General Topics

Do you have a house that you are looking to rent out? Finding a family to rent your home out to; may prove to be hard as families nowadays opt to buy a house and settle in. Now your next best choice is to rent out your place per bed or per room, now in […]

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Can I withhold rent?

RJS MD Renter
Date: Friday, April 5th, 2013 10:25 am
Category: General Topics

In the past month I have been without a dishwasher for 2 weeks, had no hot water for 4 days and now they have replaced my tub and bathroom tile without telling me, but it’s not grouted or sealed so I cannot take a shower. Communication from the property management is poor or non existent. […]

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rental lease agreement with my grandson

dondi NJ owner
Date: Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 10:09 am
Category: General Topics

i own a mobile home at a park, i lease the land when he came here i was told i had to put my grandson on the lease. if i wanted him to live here, which i did, he is 22 years old. he thinks because he is on the rental lease agreement i cant evict him […]

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Why Renter’s Insurance is needed?

Date: Saturday, March 30th, 2013 11:17 pm
Category: General Topics

First of all, what is Renter’s Insurance? Renter’s Insurance is a type of insurance that safeguards the renters or the tenants along with their property. It is very important for tenants to have this insurance. Like any other form of insurance, those customers who wants to have this can choose the amount of their coverage […]

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Security Deposit not being returned

IL Former Renter
Date: Saturday, March 30th, 2013 9:12 am
Category: General Topics

I had a lease with my former landlord that ended Sep 30, 2007. Before the lease expired, I spoke with him for a short-term extension. He agreed to extend to either March or April 2008 to give me time to find/purchase my own place and that I could sublease the place if I bought sooner […]

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Can Landlord refuse to renew my lease and rent to someone else?

lisa FL former renter
Date: Saturday, March 30th, 2013 3:00 am
Category: General Topics
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What are a landlord’s maintenance responsibilities?

Date: Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 1:40 am
Category: Apartment Complaint, Frustrated Renter, General Topics, Landlord Problems, Legal Questions

Based on rental laws, landlords must maintain his rental unit, meaning that he should do everything possible to make the unit habitable. And the tenant has the right to timely repairs to damages on the structure and the furniture alike that may cause safety and/or sanitary issues. Here’s a list of your landlords maintenance responsibilities […]

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How can I get my deposit back?

K OH Former renter
Date: Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 7:44 pm
Category: General Topics

I paid a deposit in Oct. of 2001 when my husband and I moved into our apartment. We moved out Nov. of 2008 and now my landlord has no record of this deposit amount. Additionally, the landlord is charging us for carpet cleaning and new paint for the walls. There is no excessive wear on […]

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Can the landlord remove furniture while eviction is going on?

Date: Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 1:13 am
Category: General Topics, Videos Post

If an eviction case was filed against a tenant, the court has the right to interfere between the tenant and the landlord. The reasons why a landlord would file for an eviction is because the tenant was unable to pay his monthly rent and the landlord already gave a 3 day notice to pay. Even […]

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