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Ideas for Producers & Editors

Whether you're looking for editorial topics to write about, or good ideas for your show; the RPA will help you create stories and ideas that grab attention. Experts are available for interviews, and comments. If you need help writing a feature story, article, or even news stories our PR department will work with you to get the perfect piece. Increase your ratings, viewership, readers, and listeners today!
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Invite Experts to be Interviewed

The RPA has available for immediate interview by the media; experts that can add to your show or peice. We can help you create a new segment for your show / publication by providing regularly scheduled expert, or as a one-time expert interview. Let us know your goal and we will help create materials and new ideas for your show. Available for most formats: News / Entertainment


As a producer or DJ for radio broadcasting media, it can be difficult to find ideas that get your listener to think, laugh or learn. No matter your format we'll help your show and station increase ratings by getting listeners to tune into topics that are interesting, debatable, and even just plain fun. We offer Exclusive Radio Show segments for your area, get your show to stand out! Completely free...

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Find an article for your newspaper or publication. We provide ready to print articles, and ideas that are sure to relate to your readers. We'll help provide you with real news, statistics, research, interviews, that can be crafted into custom peices for your publication. Our PR department will help draft an article that meets the needs of your readers and demographics. Completely free...

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Locate ideas for your newscast or series by working with the RPA to uncover newsworthy material that impacts your viewers lives. Interview experts to add credibility and additional facts to your broadcast. Let us help create investigating reports, show features, and breaking news stories that other stations are unaware of. Exclusive agreement may be available for your station...

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Increase site traffic by adding more web content to your site by: Uploading articles to your site, finding new blog topics, attracting visiters through interesting topics, and by providing read worthy content. The RPA public relations department may be able to help create keyword specific articles and news for your site, at no cost...

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