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Type of forms available

Rental Application This form is assential when filling a vacancy. It gathers tenant information/ Permission for renter screening.
Lease Agreement Rental agreement that fairly spells out terms, house rules and requirement.
Lead Statement Lead Statement required by law and is punished by $10,000 and jail time if not given to renters.
Entry/Inspection Grants landlord right to enter premise. Non-use can be a criminal offence.
Proof of service Legal requirement for serving notices to tenants. Must be done for every notice served.
Written warning Documents violation to house rules. Provides renter a second place.
Lease Addendum Any arrangement outside of the lease agreement should be written in an addendum, and attached to original lease agreement.
Deposit Charges All state laws require the landlord to provide a breakdown of how the deposit was charged/ refunded.
Eviction Notices There are several types of eviction notices all are used to kick the tenant out of the rental.
Abandonment The Abandonment Declaration allows a landlord to legally take possession of the rental when a tenant appears to have disappeared.
Management Forms The RPA provides a wide selection of management forms, both common and rare forms that are needed for effective property management.