Virginia tenants have rights, solving security deposit problems is your right...

Every day, tenants like you, turn to the RPA to quickly get deposits refunded & unfair charges dropped. Filing a Complaint with the RPA is the fastest and most effective way to get your deposit refunded and unfair deductions dropped. - even attorneys rely on the RPA to help solve dispute problems for their clients. As a tenant you have rights to fight for your every penny of your deposit. Yes, the RPA fight to get your deposit back.

What Virginia Security Deposit Problems Can the RPA solve?

Did you know... the RPA accepts all deposit complaints, but these are the most common complaints resolved by our organization:
  • Security Deposit Refunds

    Getting your security deposit back promptly.
  • Charges to Security Deposit

    Unfair, False, Unreasonable, or other types of deductions
TIP: On the complaint form you can request that your landlord reimburse you for the $35 complaint filing fee. (that's the only required fee to file a complaint)

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Rent Problems Are Frustrating; but you're not alone:
Thousands of tenants rely on RPA to solve problems

Repair Issues and Health Concerns. Ignorance of Landlord Responsibilities. | Case#**-*886
Cincinnati, Ohio - 45206 4/5/2014 Amy Dietz: I wrote you a letter on 3/3/2014 to give notice to a few code violations that had come to my attention. According to Ohio Revised Code, Section 5321.01 of the Chapter 5321: LANDLORDS AND TENANTS, you are obligated to: “make all repairs and do whatever is reasonably necessary to put and keep the premises in a fit and habitable condition”, “keep common areas of the premise in a safe and sanitary condition” and “maintain in good and safe working order and condition all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning fixtures and appliances, and elevators, supplied or required to be supplied by the landlord”. While you have made a minor effort to fix only the major issues following my first letter, none of these problems have actually been resolved. Below are the infractions that require fixing, including infractions that have required fixing since before my moving in. As I had previously trusted you to fix these issues, I am now including them in this 2nd written letter of compliance considering the health concerns and the fact that they are also violations of the Revised Code. -Bathroom Fixtures Broken/Installed Poorly (Toilet Paper Holder/Towel Rack/Drying Rack) -Dryer Broken (2/23/14) -Washer Broken (4/4/14) (Dirty Water In It, Whole Basement Smells) -Mold in the ceiling in bedroom -Growing cracks and water damage in the wall in bedroom (Getting Worse) -Bags of moldy leaves/garbage in the driveway/porch Your friend Jason looked at the mold on 3/16/14. He scraped and painted over some of it, but it is still a reoccurring issue. He told me that this is actually a major issue that would require digging into the wall to see the true extent of the damage. He has not returned to finish the job. I told you about the Washer being broken with dirty brown water and the basement starting to smell. Your response was " I figured you would break something else when you didn't get your way". I cannot take this dishonest abuse. After pleading/begging you to fix these issues so I can have the minimum possible requirement for what passes as a habitable home, you have decided to ignore and patronize me for "bothering you" with these health concerns. After multiple failed talks and refusal to comply I have filed a complaint with the RPA. Thank you for allowing me my parking spot back and not coming into my apartment without notice anymore. It has been over 30 days since my initial letter. Thank you, Matt Roden
Apartment Noise Complaint | Case#**-*017
management office called with a noise complaint from a neighbor just after noon on 10/19/2014. I responded to the leasing agent that my spouse and I were only cleaning. My wife was very upset with the complaint as we were only cleaning in the apartment at noon. I went to the office to try to resolve the matter. Ashlyn , the leasing agent informed me that every complaint she received she was required to notify the tenants. Ashlyn the called the sheriffs department. the officers accused me and my spouse of excessive noise and would issue a citation for another complaint. they then questioned my spouse and my self for domestic violence. the officers left only to return moments later to search my apartment for a abused hidden child. I am 56, my spouse 52. we have no children living with us and are only home 25% of our time. Have lived at the address for over 3 years with out any complaint before.
Bed Bug Infestation | Case#**-*283
We got the keys on October 17 2013, and was told to wait until after 12 o' clock that afternoon to go in due to the wax on the floors was still wet. So, we begin moving our things in on Friday Oct. 18. Late that night around 11:30, I went into the bathroom to hang the shower curtain and noticed a bunch of small bugs running around on top of the husbands jersey that was laying on top of the bathroom sink. So I tried to squish one of them, thinking it was a roach, and it didn't die. So, I continued to look at them and brown bug ran out from underneath the shower curtain ( I had just washed the shower curtain that night before bringing it to the apartment) that I had laid on top of the sink and ten minutes earlier. As soon as I see it I say to myself BED BUG! I run to get some tape from the kitchen and put it across the big one, to have a closer look. I looked under the rim of the bathroom sink and saw clusters of very tiny ones just runing in a group. I got a trash bag and picked the jersey and shower curtain up and placed them inside the bag, tied it up and threw them away. So, I didnt sleep at all this night, i called the rent office cell phone about two o' clock of course no answer. So, I went to wal-mart at about 3:30 am and bought hot shot bed bug spray and alcohol in a spray bottle. Later Saturday my niece bought some hot shot fogger, we se them off. I talked to Rose on that Monday and She told me to try some kerosen, so I did. I also, had cook's pest control to give me an estimate on treatments. Rose bought me some beg bug killer in a yellow jug and told me to apply it . She also, had the maintenance man to bring the same hot shot spray and fogger that I had already tried. I asked for some professional help on Oct. 29. Still no word on that.
Harassment / Fraud | Case#**-*330
Atlanta , Georgia - 30328 I am being harassed via phone and in person by landlord. Branch manager has threatened my safety. Landlord is using falsified documents to extend lease. Branch manager refuses to disclose information concerning move out. Lease was taken out of my apartment by branch manager. I do not have her name as she refuses to disclose her name and management company
Bed Bugs | Case#**-*111
Irving , Texas - 75038 After 2 days of moving in on September 10th 2017 I noticed a bunch of swollen red bites. I told my managers immediately. They sent pest control by the apartment to take a look . The pest control briefly looked around with a flashlight he had on his phone and said he sees nothing so they can not do the treatments until I find a bug and bring it to the rent office. i explained to them that was not ok and they said i\\\\\\\'d have to pay for it. After a couple more days of getting bit I went down to the office and the new manager said she didn\\\\\\\'t realize I was a new tenant and they\\\\\\\'d pay for the treatments. She advised it was a 4 week treatment. After 5 weeks of still getting bit I asked what was going on and I was advised that there are 4 treatments done every 2 weeks. I finally found a bed bug during the day around 11 am and brought it down to the rent office. They said they\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d call pest control then I haven\\\\\\\'t heard anything since and that was a week ago. I called a bed bug specialist who informed me that treatments are to be done every 10 days because if egg cycles are missed they would have to start treatments all over. So at this time I feel my apartment managers are not taking this seriously so I would like to get my deposit back. If possible first months rent as well but more importantly the deposit.
Maintenance Repair - Breach Of Contract | Case#**-*863
Springfield, Missouri - 65807 At the beginning of March 2015, I notified Rob of the pipe from the shower leaking into the living room. I have taken pictures of the issue. To date, the \"fix\" has not worked, and they refuse to replace the flooring in the downstairs bathroom where the toilet/sink is sinking. My downstairs bathroom is very rarely used because of the unstable floor, which they have known about since move-in. (7/2011) In 9/2011 the water heater leaked into the utility room downstairs, and the ceiling was never replaced there either. My apartment was never painted prior to move-in, so every \"patch\" done shows horribly. Management has entered my apartment without notification at least twice that I know of.
Bed Bugs Infestation | Case#**-*604
Rochester, New York - 14607 Joan Potter rent me unit with bed bugs infestation on February 8 2019 and i move in February 15 2019 and with her knowledge of bed bugs infestation the prior tenant leave the apartment for the same reason and other tenants in the building deal with this problems This bed bugs bite me ruin all my personal stuff she be harrassed me calling me to pay the rent I holding the rent because not working and for the emotional Psychology pain i be suffering all this time she send people over in this pandemic harrassment i want to take this problem to the court for all the pain stresses I be suffering emotional from this bed bugs infestation
Avoiding Tenants | Case#**-*260
Sylmar, California - 91342 I have tried numerous times to confront the owner of my building with problems, knowing shes there i will knock on her door but she always avoids opening it to try and resolve the problem. She only does this with me and my family not the other tenants. She will only leave notes on our door when we are not home or she will sneak around quietly and tape them to our door so she doesnt have to talk to us. I am getting tired of having a problem and not being able to resolve it when all she does is avoid us.
Deposit Problem | Case#**-*197
ORANGE, CA - 92868 5720 Over charged for replacement of carpet that did not need to be replaced.
Repair Issues, Lost Packages | Case#**-*171
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - 46202 2468 When I first moved in my kitchen sink was clogged with no drainage for up to three weeks, shower head offered no hot water and eventually no water at all for 10 out of 12 months of entire lease, bathroom sink clogged with constant leakage for 6 out of 12 months of lease. Leasing office lost a package in December with no reimbursement of package. Neighbor found dead in his apartment after 6 weeks, apartment complex did nothing to fumagate area. Apartment complex also has a cockroach and mice infestation. Maintenance team put a hole in wall in order to do a repair that was unsuccessful and never repaired the hole or fixed the actual problem.

Deposit Dispute Complaint Process in 3 Simple Steps:

  • File Apartment Complaint: Fill out complaint form with your proposed resolution. Instantly recieve your case number.
  • Check Status: See the current status, respond, upload files or images, accept fair solution or purpose alternative solutions.
  • Landlord Public Record: Positive or Negative record is attached to landlord based upon their responses. Your (tenant) information is not made public.

Complaints Tips:

Uploading pictures / files is helpful
Try to request fair solutions
Focus on major issue, not on many
Check your status every 3 days
Avoid accusations or hostile tones
Be willing to accept alternate solution

How Does the RPA Help Me Get My Deposit Back?

As a tenant you have the right to get every penny of your deposit back. When you file a complaint through the Rental Protection Agency this starts a formal dispute resolution process in which the RPA will do everything in our power to see that your landlord promptly resolves your complaint. Landlords know that if they fail to cooperate with the RPA it can result in a negative public record that can make it hard for them to fill vacancies in the future.

Why is there a Filing Fee of $35

The $35 filing fee is the only required fee to process a complaint. The fee is required to help offset the cost of representing your complaint. The RPA complaint center is designed as a low cost legal solution for tenants and in most cases is more affordable than other legal options. Many tenants will compare the cost of filing a complaint to the cost of not filing a complaint. If you file a complaint and the problem is resolved will the solution be worth the cost of filing the complaint?

TIP: Don't forget, on the complaint form you can request that your landlord reimburse you for filing fee.

Complaint Filing Deadline:


File Official Complaint

File Complaint $35 Processing Fee Required

Check Case Status

Check Case Status

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Why do other Tenants File Deposit Complaints?

Most tenants file a complaint with the RPA to solve the problem such as getting a deposit refunded, or to get an unfair charge or deduction removed. However, some tenants file a complaint to report the landlord publicly as a warning to other tenants. When a complaint is filed against a landlord it will show up on their public record which is indexed by all major search engines. Filing a complaint is one way for tenants to stand up against bad landlords to warn future tenants about deposit problems they've had.

Does the RPA Guarantee to Solve My Deposit Refund Complaint?

We do guarantee to do everything in our power to solve each complaint that is filed. However, there are some situations where bad landlords fail to cooperate. The RPA can't force a landlord to comply if they refuse; but we can impact their public record which can make it difficult for them to find new tenants. We guarantee to represent the complaint and to create a public record against landlords that fail to resolve complaints.

Will My Name Show up Publicly?

No. After the complaint is closed and made public; your information (tenant name) is removed. During the complaint process your complaint can only be accessed through your case number and pin number. Both the landlord and tenant are assigned a pin number that is unique. The RPA protects tenant's privacy by blocking your name from the public record database. However, the record does show the landlord name.

Protection Against Landlord Retaliation

Its unlawful for your landlord to retaliate against you because you filed a complaint. Your landlord cannot evict, harass, limit access, raise rent, or treat you unfairly because you filed a complaint. As a tenant, you must still pay rent and comply with rent terms stated within your contract. Filing a complaint does not eliminate your responsibilities.

Complaint Filing Deadline:


File Official Complaint

File Complaint $35 Processing Fee Required

Check Case Status

Check Case Status

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Common Questions About Security Deposit Refunds

All 50 States have regulations that protect security deposits. In most cases the landlord is required to provide a refund within 30 days and must provide proof cost associated with charges or deductions against your deposit. Many states require the landlord to furnish copies of receipts for work completed. If you have a deposit refund dispute or feel your landlord is being unfair with your security deposit; you have rights. Filing a complaint is one of those rights.

The RPA Accepts All Rental Complaints.

Common Complaints

  • Unlawful Entry/Eviction
  • Management Problems
  • Neighbor Problems
  • Billing/Fees
  • Application Denial
  • Landlord Harassment
  • Collection Disputes
  • Lock Out
  • Short Sale/Foreclosure
  • Discrimination

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