tenants have rights, solving security deposit problems is your right...

Every day, tenants like you, turn to the RPA to quickly get deposits refunded & unfair charges dropped. Filing a Complaint with the RPA is the fastest and most effective way to get your deposit refunded and unfair deductions dropped. - even attorneys rely on the RPA to help solve dispute problems for their clients. As a tenant you have rights to fight for your every penny of your deposit. Yes, the RPA fight to get your deposit back.

What Security Deposit Problems Can the RPA solve?

Did you know... the RPA accepts all deposit complaints, but these are the most common complaints resolved by our organization:
  • Security Deposit Refunds

    Getting your security deposit back promptly.
  • Charges to Security Deposit

    Unfair, False, Unreasonable, or other types of deductions
TIP: On the complaint form you can request that your landlord reimburse you for the $35 complaint filing fee. (that's the only required fee to file a complaint)

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Owner Refuses To Fix Broken Bathroom No Operating Toliets And No Hot Water | Case#**-*147
HOMESTEAD, FL - 33033 6151 owner refuses to fix his property, I have no hot water no operating toilets and now the ac is not working. I call and text the owner daily and he ignores my calls and texts. He is a conartist he pretends to be in lala land and pretends to not know anything. In more than one occasion he has lied to me that someone is enroute to fix the property. since march of this year I have been waiting for someone to come fix the unit.
Repair Issue | Case#**-*618
LOS ANGELES, CA - 90064 5135 My kitchen sinks filled with sewage from my neighbor\'s garbage disposal. I sent pictures and I asked my landlord (Aaron Axelrod) to have a plumber come and unclog the sinks. My landlord (Aaron Axelrod) told me to fill one sink with water and turn on the disposal, and said that it would fix the problem. I tried, it did not work for obvious reasons. I have a video of it. I sent it to my landlord (Aaron Axelrod). I asked my landlord (Aaron Axelrod) several more times to send a plumber. I am still waiting for a plumber to come and unclog the sinks.
Failure to Return Security Deposit | Case#**-*089
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 19130 On August 11, 2011, I gave notice to my landlord that I would be leaving a the end of the month and requested the return of my security deposit as per my lease. I also provided him with my new address. On August 31, 2011. my lease ended, and I moved out, leaving the keys to the apartment in the locked apartment as instructed to do so by my landlord, Steve Veith. Since that time, I have sent Steve a number of emails requesting the return of my security deposit, but he has failed to respond or to return the deposit. I am seeking the return of my $300 deposit.
bad owner | Case#**-*287
irving, Texas - 75061 we have had a leak of water next to our mobile home.we have gone to the office and ask to plis fix it but they never do.they came to suposely check it but the leak has gotten worse than before. you can even hear how the water is gong out. we just want them to fix it.they said it was our responsibility if it was inside our home ok we'll do it,but its beside our home were they take care of things.
Deposit, Code Violations, Breach Of Contract, Failure To Repair | Case#**-*100
Stone Mountain, Georgia - 30083 Breach of contract by failure to repair prior to and after inspection by code enforcement, accusations that I am committing harassment when I\'m notifying her that Georgia law requires deposit returned in 14 days, denying having ever received money from me for the past 10 months although I have records, receipts, text messages & lease agreement, legally wasn\'t entitled to deposit being there was not a move in inspection,
Bed Bugs | Case#**-*807
Saint Albans, West Virginia - 25177 In july of 2014 we notice small welts and bits on us. At first we didn\'t know we had bed bugs. In august we told our landlord Frank Peroct that we had bed bugs and he needed t get an exsterminator to come and spray the building. He then got upset with us and told us it was our responsibility to spray and get rid of them. And that we had to have brought them in. By this time we had lived here a year with no bug priblems. We tried to take care of it ourselves. But they just got worse. We again toold Frank and got the same reaction. Welll Frank passed recently and his brother Ammon is now the landlord and Frank\'s stepson Joe has harrassed us about this saying we have to move cause they are selling the building. Joe and Ammon both said its our fault and they are not responsible for getting rid of them. I heard him today telling my downstairs neighbor that we have bedbugs. He has told anyone who comes here that we have bugs. This is very embarrassing for us. We are very clean people. We cannot move until something is done about this. We don\'t want our new place to be infested as well. They are getting an eviction notice on us. Please help us.
Harassment and false accusation and unlawful practice of eviction. | Case#**-*396
Dallas, Texas - 75233 Our landlord has made the claim and ordered an eviction. She claim that smoke is coming from our town-home that has set off our and our neighbors smoke detectors. The eviction sites abuse of illegal substance and neighbor disturbance, however no illegal substance is used in our town-home. Our smoke detector has never gone off. There is a vacated town-home across from our unit that constantly goes off causing the disturbance that should be handled by maintenance. We have consulted with the neighbors whom claim no issues with cigarette smoke. This is a false claim and issue is completely fabricated. She has also previous made outrageously false accusation. Previously she claim that we had to much traffic and that the cars coming from our town-home where "too nice", implied we where trafficking illegal substance and claimed to have surveillance footage which is all false. This caused us not to have any visitors for the sake of avoiding any problems or threat of eviction.
Landlord Has Not Returned $1006 In Rent Owed To Tenant. | Case#**-*941
RICHMOND, CA - 94804 4632 Tenants provided the landlord with 30 days notice that they would move out on the 18th of December, 2015 and asked about paying the rent for the 18 days. Koo Mee Hlan replied that tenants could not deduct from rent. Tenants paid full rent $2400 in good faith that landlord would return the amount for the days tenants were not living there for the month of December. Landlord was sent a letter, called, texted, and emailed about the 30 days notice. Landlord has not returned the money despite receiving a certified letter to do so and has charged the tenants $235 for extra cleaning of the apartment (taken from security deposit), even after giving several verbal confirmations that the apartment was in good condition and clean. Landlord says that this is a flat fee from the handyman (and would be more expensive from a licensed handyman) but claims that the cleaning of the oven and windows constitutes a $235 fee.
Refusal to return prepaid rent or statement of cleaning costs | Case#**-*226
Portland, Oregon - 97233 My father, Kevin F. Kimpton passed away in January of this year. He was a tenant of Cedar Tree Apartments managed by Bowman Management under Section 8 in Portland, Oregon. Upon renting, the complex required that my father pay a full year of rent in advance as well as all deposits. My father did so and with the year paid in advance, he was paid up until August of this year. Upon his death Bowman Management followed through with the proper notifications and changed the locks on the unit. Once I was allowed to enter, Larry of Bowman Management was very kind and respectful. He tried to help in any way that he could. In March the property was emptied of my father's belongings and I turned the property over to Bowman Management. Since that day I have not been able to get anyone to call me back or answer my calls regarding the remaining prepaid rent. I can't even get them to call me back to give me a receipt of the cleaning bills and such. They are holding onto quite a bit of money that should be returned to my father's estate. Our family attorney has also tried to contact them with no success.
ultimate scam artists | Case#**-*554
dallas, Texas - 75252 this apartment has adding bills for things like fines, (for walking the dog without a leash) and treatment for pests costs, they are charging us 848$ for treating the bedbugs in our home and, at first they said i could pro-rate the cost of the 848$ over 5 months when i renew my lease, the very next day i get a letter on my door saying i cannot re-lease with them when my contract expires. This is fine by as the apartment manager Michelle Robles assured me that i could pay when my lease expires. the day after that, another letter saying that they are not "obligated" to respond to the RPA and that my payment is now due no later than october 22nd [so says Wesdale property management ] it is the day after that and i just got a letter on my door saying i have been late on my rent for 6 days and 878$ is due... i paid my rent weeks early and they are counting the treatment as my rent instead of a separate charge and applying late fees.... this is outrageous and needs to be resolved immediately

Deposit Dispute Complaint Process in 3 Simple Steps:

  • File Apartment Complaint: Fill out complaint form with your proposed resolution. Instantly recieve your case number.
  • Check Status: See the current status, respond, upload files or images, accept fair solution or purpose alternative solutions.
  • Landlord Public Record: Positive or Negative record is attached to landlord based upon their responses. Your (tenant) information is not made public.

Complaints Tips:

Uploading pictures / files is helpful
Try to request fair solutions
Focus on major issue, not on many
Check your status every 3 days
Avoid accusations or hostile tones
Be willing to accept alternate solution

How Does the RPA Help Me Get My Deposit Back?

As a tenant you have the right to get every penny of your deposit back. When you file a complaint through the Rental Protection Agency this starts a formal dispute resolution process in which the RPA will do everything in our power to see that your landlord promptly resolves your complaint. Landlords know that if they fail to cooperate with the RPA it can result in a negative public record that can make it hard for them to fill vacancies in the future.

Why is there a Filing Fee of $35

The $35 filing fee is the only required fee to process a complaint. The fee is required to help offset the cost of representing your complaint. The RPA complaint center is designed as a low cost legal solution for tenants and in most cases is more affordable than other legal options. Many tenants will compare the cost of filing a complaint to the cost of not filing a complaint. If you file a complaint and the problem is resolved will the solution be worth the cost of filing the complaint?

TIP: Don't forget, on the complaint form you can request that your landlord reimburse you for filing fee.

Complaint Filing Deadline:


File Official Complaint

File Complaint $35 Processing Fee Required

Check Case Status

Check Case Status

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Why do other Tenants File Deposit Complaints?

Most tenants file a complaint with the RPA to solve the problem such as getting a deposit refunded, or to get an unfair charge or deduction removed. However, some tenants file a complaint to report the landlord publicly as a warning to other tenants. When a complaint is filed against a landlord it will show up on their public record which is indexed by all major search engines. Filing a complaint is one way for tenants to stand up against bad landlords to warn future tenants about deposit problems they've had.

Does the RPA Guarantee to Solve My Deposit Refund Complaint?

We do guarantee to do everything in our power to solve each complaint that is filed. However, there are some situations where bad landlords fail to cooperate. The RPA can't force a landlord to comply if they refuse; but we can impact their public record which can make it difficult for them to find new tenants. We guarantee to represent the complaint and to create a public record against landlords that fail to resolve complaints.

Will My Name Show up Publicly?

No. After the complaint is closed and made public; your information (tenant name) is removed. During the complaint process your complaint can only be accessed through your case number and pin number. Both the landlord and tenant are assigned a pin number that is unique. The RPA protects tenant's privacy by blocking your name from the public record database. However, the record does show the landlord name.

Protection Against Landlord Retaliation

Its unlawful for your landlord to retaliate against you because you filed a complaint. Your landlord cannot evict, harass, limit access, raise rent, or treat you unfairly because you filed a complaint. As a tenant, you must still pay rent and comply with rent terms stated within your contract. Filing a complaint does not eliminate your responsibilities.

Complaint Filing Deadline:


File Official Complaint

File Complaint $35 Processing Fee Required

Check Case Status

Check Case Status

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Common Questions About Security Deposit Refunds

All 50 States have regulations that protect security deposits. In most cases the landlord is required to provide a refund within 30 days and must provide proof cost associated with charges or deductions against your deposit. Many states require the landlord to furnish copies of receipts for work completed. If you have a deposit refund dispute or feel your landlord is being unfair with your security deposit; you have rights. Filing a complaint is one of those rights.

The RPA Accepts All Rental Complaints.

Common Complaints

  • Unlawful Entry/Eviction
  • Management Problems
  • Neighbor Problems
  • Billing/Fees
  • Application Denial
  • Landlord Harassment
  • Collection Disputes
  • Lock Out
  • Short Sale/Foreclosure
  • Discrimination

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